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Upcomming reality tv shows

Oh wow, more reality TV shows? Seems hard to believe, doesn’t it? There are so many reality TV shows in today’s world it is hard to believe that there will be more. For those of you that enjoy watching reality TV shows you can always count on something new coming out. Reality TV shows come in many different styles but they always have drama involved in them.

There is a reality show coming out in 2008 called ‘Mount Everest 2008.’ When this casting call opened up there were thousands of men and women, mostly men there to get a spot on this upcoming reality show. This is a year-long reality series that will consist of two phases. With the first face the contestants will be allowed to climb smaller peaks then there is the second phase in which the big Everest-like expedition will come about. There will be twenty contestants that will take this journey, but the thing about this show is that only four of the contestants will be given the chance to attempt to summit Mount Everest. If you are into mountan climbing then this may be the type of reality TV show you will want to tune into.

The next upcoming reality TV show will come out late in 2008. This will focus on Gwyneth Paltrow and will be documenting the group’s adventures as they search for the perfect meal in Spain. This TV reality show will be called ‘On The Road Again.” If you are into the Spanish culture then you may want to watch this show when it comes out.

One more upcomming reality show that we are going to tell you about is ‘Limelight.’ This show will be documenting students at a perfoming arts school in New York. If you are into learning about young people’s lives and how they are in New York then this may be one reality TV show you will want to watch. This is pretty different for a reality show because they have never followed performing art students around in New York before, do you think it will make it to the top?

As you already know there are tons of reality TV shows that are out there for your viewing pleasures but we all know that only the best take the Emmy home. Do you think any of the upcoming reality shows will be taking a prize home with them? Perhaps the upcoming reality shows will prove to be a big hit and open up doors to people who don’t normally watch reality TV shows. We will just have to wait and see.

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