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Scripted reality shows

When it comes to reality shows, do they really live up to their name or are they actually scripted. In so many ways reality shows are scripted. Do you think the individuals on reality shows actually chose the place where they wanted to go? What about the tasks they do, do they make them up, or is it a producer that comes up with the ideas?

Some individuals have stated that the name reality television is in fact, an inaccurate description for some of the reality shows in today’s world. We may not want to hear this, but what about those competition based reality shows like Big Brother and Survivor? Then what about shows like The Real World? Have you ever thought of those three shows to be scripted reality shows? These three shows have producers designing the format for the show then to get even worse they control the day-to-day activities of the individuals on these reality shows. Also, these producers go out and specifically choose the participants to be in their reality shows. The producers also choose challenges, settings and events just to encourage particular behavior in their shows. If you dig deeper into your research of scripted reality shows you will see that the creator of Survivor has actually stated that he tells good stories.

Do you know those shows where the camera crew follows the people around 24-7? You may be shocked to know that when it comes to editing these videos the producers may highly deliberate. Producers are able to make certain participants out to be heroes or villains. Producers may also choose which events happen first, this means that when you are watching one of these reality shows the fighting may have happened in the end and not in the beginning. Producers of these shows take the interesting stuff and put it in the beginning of the show, this in terms, gets the viewers to continue watching. Does this make since to you? Do you know the participants in reality shows? Well after the reality show is over they actually come out and say that the reality shows have been altered afterwards to make them appear more crazy and emotional in order to get more viewers and also to get more camera time.

So now you have it, the truth behind scripted reality TV shows, do you think the same of those reality shows? Or do you hate the fact that these shows are scripted? The truth is that anything on television, anything the involves a camera, just may be scripted.

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