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Real world reality shows

One of the first reality shows to grace the screen was Real World. In this real world reality show looked at seven strangers lives together in a house for several months. The camera would roll continuously during the months of the show to show how relationships formed, how individuals got along with other housemates, and of course interviews when they were not around other individuals. The idea was to make it real for those watching it like a real life soap opera. The real world reality show was not going to be scripted, but just life.

Now we have seen real world reality shows such as the Simple Life, Survivor and many others crop up that are supposed to simulate sometime of real world experience. The question is do they really involve real world events. Would you find some of the issues these real world reality shows have out in the real world or are they just blown out of proportion? In my mind the real world reality shows are just bad acting for individuals who couldn’t make it in a real television show. The arguments are petty, vindictive, and pointless. The makeup sessions between two individuals is often as phony as you can get in any situation.

The real world reality shows are really just more of the same type of television we have been watching, but a new name. Rather than an expense for an actor auditions are held to provide a “real world” take on a situation. You will find that during these real world reality shows they can be scripted, the conversations can be spliced to give the audience what they want and editing of the actual film does occur. How real world reality shows can this really be?

Instead it is giving an example of what real life isn’t. While there is always drama in life and there are individuals who don’t get along these fights on the screen seem to be filled with more drama than is typically necessary. The actual show comes off with more fake properties than some of the dramas. Not all real world reality shows are horrible in the idea of real world. They do tend to misrepresent the real world to some extent, but there are some valuable lessens in a few of the shows. It depends on what you consider the real world to determine whether real world reality shows exist.

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