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Cost to make reality tv shows

You will find that the cost to make reality TV shows is actually more than some of the regular dramas we see on the television today. First you would think that it would be less because they are not creating an actual studio set, but when you look at the behind the scenes information regarding the making of reality TV shows you will find the costs can be close to 100 million for some of the reality TV shows.

One of the main reasons it will cost quite a bit for reality TV shows is the actual need to travel to the site with the cameras, other equipment, people to produce the show, and the editing. You may realize that reality TV shows are not always as real as we think. In most cases there are fake parts to the reality TV shows whether the words have been spliced together for the effect the producers want or whether the scripting has been created for the viewers. You will find that editing the film can take several hours of watching videos for the right words to be said in order to splice them in to the show. This makes it more expensive than just shooting with a script for a regular drama.

The cost to make reality TV shows is astounding especially when you consider the millions of dollars poured into the actual creation of the show. Take Dancing with the Stars for an example. To create this show often the busy lives of the stars are followed with cameras and crew. A jet flew Wayne Newton to his next performance from Las Vegas to the show and back again. Studios need to be used for the practice sessions, bands are contracted to appear, and a theater is used for the actual on air dancing of the stars. You will find that the expenditures for creating such a reality TV show is definitely not minimal as there are more concession made for the stars.

The cost to make reality TV shows is not just having one person with a camera record something ridiculous for viewers. It is a mass production just like any other television show. Regular television shows have sets they work off of and some film they take of the city they are portraying. In these studios they are working with the sets and actors on the sets rather than heading out to different places all the time.

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Fox reality shows

When it comes to Fox reality shows, if you look at it, there are a ton of reality shows that have aired throughout the past years. The question is why do individuals keep watching these shows? Aren’t there a lot of them? Wouldn’t they seem to all be the same after the first five? Perhaps you could say that our society is living off of drama and being a fly on others walls, which seems to be something they like most of all.

Examples-’30 Seconds To Fame,’ ‘The Chamber,’ ‘Love Cruise,’ ‘Temptation Island’
30 Seconds To Fame is exactly what it sounds like. In this hit reality TV show that airs on the FOX network contestants are given exactly 30 seconds to prove their true talent. Contestants can sing, dance, or do whatever they think they are talented at. On this show you will more than likely see a lot of, well…strange stuff. You can count on laughing during this show but you can also count on seeing some true talent that cannot be forgotten.

For those reality TV watchers out there that also love watching quiz shows you may want to tune into ‘The Chamber.’ Contestants are put into a chamber where they are asked some pretty hard questions that have to do with environmental and physiological. As they answer these questions they will also be put under some physical challenges-see, they didn’t get off that easy.

One of the newest reality TV shows on Fox is ‘Love Cruise.’ ‘Love Cruise deals will sixteen singles that are hopefully set out for love on a ten-day cruise. You can count on watching every move of the 8 men and 8 women because they have cameras pointed at them 24-7. Keep in mind that on this show a lot of them don’t always end up falling in love, in fact, it may be the opposite.

Temptation Island is just one of those reality TV shows you have to watch, it will show you just how some people will be when it comes to cheating on the one they say they love. With ‘Temptation Island’ they take four seriously committed couples that are at crossroads in their relationship and put thirty singles that are there looking for love, they travel to a romantic location where they will be put up to the test of temptation. Do they stay faithful? Some do and some don’t. You can count on getting angry at the number of people that will cheat in this world, it shouldn’t take a reality TV show to make you aware of it though.

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Reality shows casting calls

Reality shows casting calls seem to be everywhere these days. Due to the increase in reality shows coming out the reality industry will always need some new faces. Reality shows casting calls can happen anywhere in the world, maybe one is coming to your area soon? Can you imagine how funny it is to watch individuals try out for reality shows? Just how do the judges hold themselves back from laughing?

Are you thinking about going to a reality show casting call such as American Idol? If so then you will
more than likely be worrying about your dress code. Just what should you wear for a reality show casting
call? Have you ever watched some of the past casting calls? If you have ever had this option you see that the individuals on there wear anything. They wear Celtic attire, fluffy stuff, tuxedos, prom dresses, and even clown outfits! With this being the case then you don’t have to worry much about that attire unless of course the reality show producers tell you what to wear and what not to wear. Yes, you will be in front of a lot of people but you shouldn’t let this affect how you want to dress.

Do you know if the reality shows casting call is going to be filmed to be on TV? Some producers actually put their casting calls on the television, if this is the case you will know ahead of time, so don’t worry. Do you know that when producers are going to put casting calls on the television they will have individuals that have absolutely no talent apply for a reality show. Maybe these individuals have always been the class clown or just want to be on television.

Do you have a favorite reality TV show and you want to know where their next casting call is going to be? If this is the case then you can go on the Internet and find the shows next casting call location. Normally when you are going for a casting call you will be feeling out an application first, then they will choose you from that application. Then there are the others that let you just come in and do your thing, if the judges like you they will keep you for the next level, if they don’t like you chances are they will tell you some corrections for yourself and send you packing. If you try your hardest for a casting call and you hear the words, “better luck next time” this will make you want to cry, but honestly, reality TV shows have casting calls all the time, just keep practicing and you will eventually make it on there.

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Virtual reality shows

What are virtual reality shows? First you have to understand what virtual reality is before you can look at the shows being produced. Virtual reality is a technology where the user has contact with a simulated environment. In other words you have some type of computer device that allows you to feel as though you are apart of the images you are seeing. In some cases you can manipulate what is going on in the screen. Virtual reality shows take this simulation you are apart of to create a story for you to watch. Games are becoming virtual reality shows. You are able to manipulate the screen during the show to make the out come that you really want to have happen, happen.

You will also find there are many studies being completed right now on virtual reality shows being great therapy. According to one source from ABC, military personal returning from Iraq have been brought in for therapy sessions using virtual reality shows to help them cope with the losses they sustained. The virtual reality shows in this case are trying to help the individual slowly understand what is happening. They take images and sounds to simulate fights in a videogame atmosphere to slowly reduce the anxiety the individual feels in these situations to help them get back to real life.

The implications for virtual reality shows is that it can be used in therapy as well as in other areas of life. Videogames that the individual can control for real like simulations are also considered virtual reality shows. The person is able to choose the path they are going to go on with a more realistic bent for the images and sounds.

You will also find that Electronic arts is now trying to merge virtual reality with television entertainment. In other words with virtual reality shows with Electronic arts programs are being developed so the person at home can be in a virtual playground where they can compete with others in the electronic world. This is making virtual reality shows at a new level. Instead of just having a video game that someone can play they can now have an almost real life depiction to follow along with and make decisions. Virtual reality shows may become increasingly popular as the ability to create a world from your mind is implemented into virtual reality shows. In this case I mean that you may make your own show with just your preferences built into a virtual reality machine and taking yourself on vacation or becoming a further part of a reality show.

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