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Kid reality shows

Kid Nation is the newest in a long line of kid reality shows, but how real is it? And do you really want your child to watch it? In the recent past kids were at the dinner table with the television off and the entire family at the table. Conversation about school, how the parent’s day was, and just being a family was the most important. Today more and more kids are allowed to watch television before homework is done, the parent’s don’t get home until late because they have to work, and the kids are out doing what they want or watching what they want. When you consider how kid reality shows have changed you will find that there is a direct affect on how they are growing up.

With Kid Nation kids are exposed to a place where no parents are allowed. They have to live, work, or play without adult supervision. Is this really something kids should be watching? In my opinion a kid needs parental guidance, they need boundaries, and having a show that promotes no parents allowed is asking for more trouble in the homes than we already have. You also have to consider how real the kid reality shows are. Is Kid Nation real? Do the kids actually sleep at this “world” they have created, are they being scripted? According to other sources including CBS the premise is a working town for the kids. They are not allowed vacation, or summer camp. It is forty days of real life.

Kid Nation is not the only kid reality shows you can find. Saturday mornings still allow for educational programs for kids. Science, the earth, animals, and other topics are shown on these types of shows. They make the content understandable to children in the hopes that they are educating the individuals watching. You will find kids hosting the news, talking about real world issues, and other aspects. While it is scripted it is also helping show what some reality is. They are learning about the conflicts in the Middle East, politics, and the world.

Kid reality shows can also be considered for the teenager. These programs like the “Simple Life” are geared for the teenagers of the world and are a far cry from reality. While they are entertaining to most teenagers and others it doesn’t seem to depict what real life is all about.

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