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Effects of reality tv shows

Reality TV started out with the premise of bringing the real life people live everyday to the screen for an interesting new show. Instead most viewers are finding that reality TV shows are still faked. Many individuals complained about the violence on TV, the language used, and how corrupting it could be for their children to watch such shows. But now there is the argument that the effects of reality TV shows are actually worse than those of regular television.

When trying to find the effects of reality TV shows you have to look at the difference in the programming. First the television show is trying to show the world just what reality is. What they are really living in, but it falls short of the mark by a great margin. Take the Bachelor or even the Real World reality TV shows. In the bachelor you see a really hot guy trying to find love. In this case you have at least ten beautiful women who are vying for this guy’s attention. They can be seen as petty, vindictive, and in other cases really nice, but the point is this is not reality. Most individuals in the world are average. They have qualities that make them who they are rather than what they look like. With the Real World you have yelling, loud music, violence, alcohol, and dumb stunts. Is this really a reality you want your kids to watch?

When discussing the effects of reality TV shows we are seeing more and more shallow individuals when you consider some of the shows. I can’t say that all shows have harmful effects. First Dancing with the Stars is more about adult competition. You see individuals trying their hardest to win a spot on the show as the top couple. They work hard, dance, and a lot of individuals enjoy the show despite it being about actors, actresses, and millionaires dancing. In this case you are actually bringing the dance to more watchers who may not have been interested.

Overall the effects of reality TV shows are more harmful to the children watching than regular shows. At least with non reality TV shows the recognition that it was fake and just a story was there. With reality TV shows children are seeing what “reality” according to Hollywood is rather than what life is like. Life is a little about drama, violence, and stupid stunts, but it can also just be fun, full of family, and enjoyable; however that second half doesn’t usually make great television.

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  1. the reasons given are absolutely right .

    Comment by Udhrit | March 1, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thank you for your ideas.

    Comment by Tia | April 19, 2009 | Reply

  3. i have a an essay competition on this topic thanks for it and if i get a prize u r the only one responsible thank u very much !!!!!!!

    Comment by faris aijaz ahmed khan | August 11, 2009 | Reply

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