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Upcomming reality tv shows

Oh wow, more reality TV shows? Seems hard to believe, doesn’t it? There are so many reality TV shows in today’s world it is hard to believe that there will be more. For those of you that enjoy watching reality TV shows you can always count on something new coming out. Reality TV shows come in many different styles but they always have drama involved in them.

There is a reality show coming out in 2008 called ‘Mount Everest 2008.’ When this casting call opened up there were thousands of men and women, mostly men there to get a spot on this upcoming reality show. This is a year-long reality series that will consist of two phases. With the first face the contestants will be allowed to climb smaller peaks then there is the second phase in which the big Everest-like expedition will come about. There will be twenty contestants that will take this journey, but the thing about this show is that only four of the contestants will be given the chance to attempt to summit Mount Everest. If you are into mountan climbing then this may be the type of reality TV show you will want to tune into.

The next upcoming reality TV show will come out late in 2008. This will focus on Gwyneth Paltrow and will be documenting the group’s adventures as they search for the perfect meal in Spain. This TV reality show will be called ‘On The Road Again.” If you are into the Spanish culture then you may want to watch this show when it comes out.

One more upcomming reality show that we are going to tell you about is ‘Limelight.’ This show will be documenting students at a perfoming arts school in New York. If you are into learning about young people’s lives and how they are in New York then this may be one reality TV show you will want to watch. This is pretty different for a reality show because they have never followed performing art students around in New York before, do you think it will make it to the top?

As you already know there are tons of reality TV shows that are out there for your viewing pleasures but we all know that only the best take the Emmy home. Do you think any of the upcoming reality shows will be taking a prize home with them? Perhaps the upcoming reality shows will prove to be a big hit and open up doors to people who don’t normally watch reality TV shows. We will just have to wait and see.

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Real world reality shows

One of the first reality shows to grace the screen was Real World. In this real world reality show looked at seven strangers lives together in a house for several months. The camera would roll continuously during the months of the show to show how relationships formed, how individuals got along with other housemates, and of course interviews when they were not around other individuals. The idea was to make it real for those watching it like a real life soap opera. The real world reality show was not going to be scripted, but just life.

Now we have seen real world reality shows such as the Simple Life, Survivor and many others crop up that are supposed to simulate sometime of real world experience. The question is do they really involve real world events. Would you find some of the issues these real world reality shows have out in the real world or are they just blown out of proportion? In my mind the real world reality shows are just bad acting for individuals who couldn’t make it in a real television show. The arguments are petty, vindictive, and pointless. The makeup sessions between two individuals is often as phony as you can get in any situation.

The real world reality shows are really just more of the same type of television we have been watching, but a new name. Rather than an expense for an actor auditions are held to provide a “real world” take on a situation. You will find that during these real world reality shows they can be scripted, the conversations can be spliced to give the audience what they want and editing of the actual film does occur. How real world reality shows can this really be?

Instead it is giving an example of what real life isn’t. While there is always drama in life and there are individuals who don’t get along these fights on the screen seem to be filled with more drama than is typically necessary. The actual show comes off with more fake properties than some of the dramas. Not all real world reality shows are horrible in the idea of real world. They do tend to misrepresent the real world to some extent, but there are some valuable lessens in a few of the shows. It depends on what you consider the real world to determine whether real world reality shows exist.

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Kid reality shows

Kid Nation is the newest in a long line of kid reality shows, but how real is it? And do you really want your child to watch it? In the recent past kids were at the dinner table with the television off and the entire family at the table. Conversation about school, how the parent’s day was, and just being a family was the most important. Today more and more kids are allowed to watch television before homework is done, the parent’s don’t get home until late because they have to work, and the kids are out doing what they want or watching what they want. When you consider how kid reality shows have changed you will find that there is a direct affect on how they are growing up.

With Kid Nation kids are exposed to a place where no parents are allowed. They have to live, work, or play without adult supervision. Is this really something kids should be watching? In my opinion a kid needs parental guidance, they need boundaries, and having a show that promotes no parents allowed is asking for more trouble in the homes than we already have. You also have to consider how real the kid reality shows are. Is Kid Nation real? Do the kids actually sleep at this “world” they have created, are they being scripted? According to other sources including CBS the premise is a working town for the kids. They are not allowed vacation, or summer camp. It is forty days of real life.

Kid Nation is not the only kid reality shows you can find. Saturday mornings still allow for educational programs for kids. Science, the earth, animals, and other topics are shown on these types of shows. They make the content understandable to children in the hopes that they are educating the individuals watching. You will find kids hosting the news, talking about real world issues, and other aspects. While it is scripted it is also helping show what some reality is. They are learning about the conflicts in the Middle East, politics, and the world.

Kid reality shows can also be considered for the teenager. These programs like the “Simple Life” are geared for the teenagers of the world and are a far cry from reality. While they are entertaining to most teenagers and others it doesn’t seem to depict what real life is all about.

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Why are reality tv shows so popular

Have you ever seen a reality TV show? Chances are you have seen one before they even became one of the most popular TV shows. Many people turn their TV’s to reality shows and sit with their family on Friday nights or even on Saturdays to enjoy a real TV show, with real people in it that don’t act.

Those reality TV shows seem so real, don’t they? Perhaps this is why so many people like them, because it seems that people today actually enjoy being in people’s lives and like to know what is going on with other people. Reality TV actually seems to be an obsession with the people of the world. When you watch a reality show for the first time you instantly get drawn in, have you ever noticed this? It just seems like you cannot change that channel and if you do you always switch it back. Do you think this is because you kept getting left off and just have to know what is going to happen next? You know that when it comes to a TV show being real you just can’t get any more real than reality TV.

Reality TV shows actually have a way of showing all sides of the story that is going on. Take Survivor for instance, they have two teams they go out and make their shelter then that is when most of the complaining starts. What is it with us? Why do we seem to like watching people getting backstabbed, trampled on, and cheated on? Do you think people just may like watching reality TV because they feel they can relate to it? Do you realize all the drama that revolves around reality TV shows? Just the drama on reality TV shows is impeccable to us as the viewers. Who wouldn’t like to see individuals who forget the camera is there going to the extremities of life?

You may already know that it is the individual that makes up the rating of the reality TV show, perhaps this is why they have became so popular in today’s life, because no one can seem to get enough of them. Could you imagine a world without reality TV? The truth behind the matter is that as long as producers continue producing these reality TV shows they will always be popular because people love “being a fly on the wall.”

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Scripted reality shows

When it comes to reality shows, do they really live up to their name or are they actually scripted. In so many ways reality shows are scripted. Do you think the individuals on reality shows actually chose the place where they wanted to go? What about the tasks they do, do they make them up, or is it a producer that comes up with the ideas?

Some individuals have stated that the name reality television is in fact, an inaccurate description for some of the reality shows in today’s world. We may not want to hear this, but what about those competition based reality shows like Big Brother and Survivor? Then what about shows like The Real World? Have you ever thought of those three shows to be scripted reality shows? These three shows have producers designing the format for the show then to get even worse they control the day-to-day activities of the individuals on these reality shows. Also, these producers go out and specifically choose the participants to be in their reality shows. The producers also choose challenges, settings and events just to encourage particular behavior in their shows. If you dig deeper into your research of scripted reality shows you will see that the creator of Survivor has actually stated that he tells good stories.

Do you know those shows where the camera crew follows the people around 24-7? You may be shocked to know that when it comes to editing these videos the producers may highly deliberate. Producers are able to make certain participants out to be heroes or villains. Producers may also choose which events happen first, this means that when you are watching one of these reality shows the fighting may have happened in the end and not in the beginning. Producers of these shows take the interesting stuff and put it in the beginning of the show, this in terms, gets the viewers to continue watching. Does this make since to you? Do you know the participants in reality shows? Well after the reality show is over they actually come out and say that the reality shows have been altered afterwards to make them appear more crazy and emotional in order to get more viewers and also to get more camera time.

So now you have it, the truth behind scripted reality TV shows, do you think the same of those reality shows? Or do you hate the fact that these shows are scripted? The truth is that anything on television, anything the involves a camera, just may be scripted.

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Effects of reality tv shows

Reality TV started out with the premise of bringing the real life people live everyday to the screen for an interesting new show. Instead most viewers are finding that reality TV shows are still faked. Many individuals complained about the violence on TV, the language used, and how corrupting it could be for their children to watch such shows. But now there is the argument that the effects of reality TV shows are actually worse than those of regular television.

When trying to find the effects of reality TV shows you have to look at the difference in the programming. First the television show is trying to show the world just what reality is. What they are really living in, but it falls short of the mark by a great margin. Take the Bachelor or even the Real World reality TV shows. In the bachelor you see a really hot guy trying to find love. In this case you have at least ten beautiful women who are vying for this guy’s attention. They can be seen as petty, vindictive, and in other cases really nice, but the point is this is not reality. Most individuals in the world are average. They have qualities that make them who they are rather than what they look like. With the Real World you have yelling, loud music, violence, alcohol, and dumb stunts. Is this really a reality you want your kids to watch?

When discussing the effects of reality TV shows we are seeing more and more shallow individuals when you consider some of the shows. I can’t say that all shows have harmful effects. First Dancing with the Stars is more about adult competition. You see individuals trying their hardest to win a spot on the show as the top couple. They work hard, dance, and a lot of individuals enjoy the show despite it being about actors, actresses, and millionaires dancing. In this case you are actually bringing the dance to more watchers who may not have been interested.

Overall the effects of reality TV shows are more harmful to the children watching than regular shows. At least with non reality TV shows the recognition that it was fake and just a story was there. With reality TV shows children are seeing what “reality” according to Hollywood is rather than what life is like. Life is a little about drama, violence, and stupid stunts, but it can also just be fun, full of family, and enjoyable; however that second half doesn’t usually make great television.

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