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What to wear to pajama party

Are you worried about showing up in the wrong pajamas? If so you shouldn’t be. There are a lot of clues to help you figure out what to wear to a pajama party. First most pajama parties are usually themed based. You will either have an all girls night where makeovers, lingerie, or manicures are being hosted or you can be at a mixed party. You may also have an all guys’ pajama party. The invite is going to help you decide what to wear to pajama party. Most often the invitations are going to state what you should bring as well as what the theme is.

For some ideas on what to wear to pajama party you may look at the old standby. Flannel pajamas are always a hit. Especially when it is cold where you live. You can always add silk or cotton material to the list depending on the comfort and look you are going for. Remember that no pajama party is complete without the slippers. You have many choices in slippers for what to wear to pajama party. You may go for the regular choice of bunny slippers or maybe you want something that determines who you are. You can choose your favorite character for the slippers such as Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Veggie Tales characters, and any other character based slipper that is sold in stores or online. You also have the choice in a simpler slipper that you may just have lying around the house.

If you are going to an all girl or guy pajama party you may decide that what to wear to a pajama party must be sexy. For girls a hit is always a sexy silk pair of pajamas with mule slippers. For a mixed party you will find that best what to wear to a pajama party answer is mixing pajamas. In other words the couples who are coming to the party split the pair of pajamas. The girl gets the pajama tops while the guys walk around in the bottoms only.

There are always accessories that you will decide to wear. In the accessories line of what to wear to pajama party you will want to have little hair bows or perhaps a tiara. You may have a blanket that you wear or a robe. The ideas for what to wear to a pajama party are endless.


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  1. ths is an awesome idea maybe add a thng tht goes over ur eyes always so cool

    Comment by lil lily | June 9, 2009 | Reply

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