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Pajama party dvd

There are many things you can do when you are at a pajama party. There are games, movies, video games, computer games, stories, and much more. If you are looking for a theme for your pajama party you may want to pick up the Pajama Party DVD. The Pajama Party DVD is a 1964 movie with Annette Funicello as the star. The plot of the movie is a Martian teenager who comes to earth to prepare for an invasion. The Martian- Gogo meets up with Aunt Wendy who runs a dress shop for teenagers. Her nephew is on the volleyball team, which leaves his girl friend alone most of the time. So when Connie meets Gogo they fall in love. A motorcycle gang enters into the picture because they want revenge against the volley ball team. At some point during the movie they all wind up at a pajama party, hence the name of the DVD.

There are many ways you can introduce a movie to the party when you have a pajama party DVD theme. You can choose movies like that above, which is based on an actual pajama party idea in the movie or you can choose a different DVD that you would all like to watch. Some of the top pajama party DVD themes of the year include Pirates of the Caribbean, Die Hard series, movies for Halloween, and several others.

If you would like to take your pajama party in a different spin you may make your own pajama party DVD. All you really need is a camera that downloads onto a computer and writes the information onto a DVD. You can have a script for the pajama party DVD or just have the camera moving around the room while everyone interacts. Some guests may be a little self conscious, but after a little time to relax they will enjoy the DVD for years to come. Some of the best home movies are going to be interactions among friends that were taped. You will find that a pajama party DVD will be a keepsake for anyone who attended the party as well. They may wish to have a copy to show their family or just to view when they are in the mood for some fun with friends. So whether you choose the Pajama Party DVD movie from 1964 or you make your own DVD at the party you will have something to remember.

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