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Pajama party cake

Are you having a pajama party for your kids, but aren’t quite sure what kind of pajama party cake to have? If so you will find a few ideas below to help you pick out the best pajama party cake for your event.

First you must decide if you already have a theme for the party and you want the cake to match. For children and even adults a theme can often decide what decorations, pajama favors, activities, and of course cake you will have. Some popular themes include Shrek, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Veggie Tales, Scooby Doo, and Blues Clues. If you are going with just a typical pajama party as the theme you may want to have a pajama party cake in the shape of a human pair of pajamas decorated with cool colors or sayings depending on your overall idea.

For instance if you are having a bridesmaid pajama party the pajama print may be hot guys, wedding themes, or sayings like good luck or something even more inventive. For children you may decide the cake should relate to a favorite book, movie, or other item in their life they love.

A pajama party cake can be made of anything from chocolate cake, white cake, marble, raspberry or any other type of cake you can think of that the attendees will enjoy. You may even select the type of cake based on the theme of the pajama party.

If you are making your own cake you may not be able to get as inventive with the shape or the actual theme unless you buy the toys to place on the top. If you decide to go with a cake decorator for the pajama party cake you can have a picture superimposed on the cake, more colors or specific themes and have it shaped just the way you want.

The pajama party cake is definitely an essential part of the entire party. After all who can have a party without plenty of snacks, food, and the cake? Even a teddy bear pajama party cake will have the attendees excited about the festivities that will be taking place. Remember you can always have a healthier type of pajama party cake in a carrot cake, tofu cake or other healthy food. It doesn’t always have to be a sweet sensation. When considering a pajama party cake the sky really is the limit on choices.

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