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Pajama day party

When homecoming week comes up or just something special at school often times the first event that pops into someone’s mind on the committee is having some time of party or just a day full of events. For homecoming week you may want to have a pajama day party. This simply means that all kids wear their pajamas to school that day or something completely out of the ordinary in the pajama department. The entire day can be filled with contests, prizes, and information on pajamas as well as regular class time. The pajama day party can begin while in class and then have the festivities during the lunch hour or as an after school party. If you are hosting a pajama day party you will need to have events, games, food, drinks, and plenty of fun whether it is a school event or just something you are doing at your home for the day.

A pajama day party may just be a birthday party that lasts during the day rather than into the night. For this type of party you are going to be assured of having a quiet evening if you don’t want to try and stay up all night with the kids. There are plenty of ideas and themes you can choose for a pajama day party. First everyone is going to be required to show up with their favorite pajamas, teddy bear or stuffed animal, and bed time story. Even adults love to read their bed time stories every now and again so for this pajama day party you first must pick a theme. You will also want to include favorite blankets and sleeping bags or bean bag chairs on the list of items to bring.

During the festivities you can have plenty of food, drinks, cake, and games. For children you will want to stick with fruit drinks, milk, maybe a punch, but don’t get them too wound up with soda and candy. For adults you can have sodas and other non alcoholic beverages, after all they should be heading home after the party so alcohol isn’t really recommended.

If you are going to stick with the school idea for a pajama day party most likely you are going to concentrate more on the history of pajamas, slippers, and bed time stories. You will also want to have some type of pajama parade for the contest.

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