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Pajama party

No matter what age you are a pajama party is always going to be something fun to do. The question is always: what will you do during the pajama party to make it a real good time? Pajama parties for younger children often include games, snacks, movies, and plenty of activities. Rather than talk younger children tend to need the excitement and hands on parental control. As children grow older the movies or theme of the pajama party will change. You will also notice that more friends tend to be invited with a mixed group in mind. To host a perfect pajama party you have to look at the age of those attending and what is hot at the moment.

One idea for a pajama party theme can be Harry Potter. As the enthusiasm of Harry Potter books and movies has moved across the world pajama parties have begun to use the theme. You can have Bertie Botts Jelly Beans, and other snacks from the Harry Potter books. You can also ask that each attendee either dress in a costume for the early part of the party or have their own Harry Potter pajamas to liven up the party just a little more. You can show all four movies that have been released on DVD at the moment as well as have games related to the Harry Potter theme for your pajama party.

For older children you may find that computer pajama parties are a hit. Everyone can bring their own computers to set up as a garage game room with their favorite games. These types of gaming parties are a real hit for those interested in computers and computer games. They also like to play other game console games to have a variety. The best part is for the older children they tend to seek sleep when they are tired or the game has ended so they don’t need as much supervision. You can also supply movies that they would enjoy for periods where they get tired of gaming. Keep in mind they will definitely need a lot of snacks and sodas.

A pajama party can be whatever you make it. Sometimes it will depend on the age of the kids and other times it will be the hottest items in stores at the moment. You will also find that some things tend to be gender specific like a princess pajama party or car party.

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Pajama party clipart

Are you trying to make invitations from scratch or maybe you are looking for something that will help you decorate around the home for a party? If you are getting ready to have a pajama party for your child or for yourself you may want to check into the pajama party clipart. There are plenty of different styles of clipart that you can find on your home computer, online, or in stores when you purchase a print shop type of program. No invitation is complete without having a theme whether it is the theme of the party or the type of party you are going to have.

Pajama party clipart is usually going to have some type of pajama theme whether it is a child, adult, or even a dog or animal that is wearing the pajamas. You may even find a pair of pajamas to decorate the invitation with. Pajama party clipart is just the tip of the iceberg when you are making decorations or invitations for your party. You will want to have other themes besides just pajamas for your pajama party clipart. You will want to have pictures that have something to do with the theme. You may also want to have clipart that can be colored for crafts during the pajama party. There are many reasons you will find to look for pajama party clipart.

The best place to find pajama party clipart is going to be online. The online resources have some many images available in the format of clipart that you can find just about any topic you are searching for with at least one or several different images to choose from. Pajama party clipart is really important to your party when you want to give the guests and idea of what will be happening and the overall theme of the party. Without pictures and words on the invitation the party could be about anything.

Also remember that pajama party clipart isn’t just for the invitations. It can also be used in your decorating ideas. You can enlarge the clipart to allow for coloring or you can just use it around the house for decorations before the party goers arrive. You will find that there are plenty of applications for pajama party clipart including making new pajamas out of the art you have found. Your guests will not be bored with the pajama party clipart you can choose.

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Pajama day party

When homecoming week comes up or just something special at school often times the first event that pops into someone’s mind on the committee is having some time of party or just a day full of events. For homecoming week you may want to have a pajama day party. This simply means that all kids wear their pajamas to school that day or something completely out of the ordinary in the pajama department. The entire day can be filled with contests, prizes, and information on pajamas as well as regular class time. The pajama day party can begin while in class and then have the festivities during the lunch hour or as an after school party. If you are hosting a pajama day party you will need to have events, games, food, drinks, and plenty of fun whether it is a school event or just something you are doing at your home for the day.

A pajama day party may just be a birthday party that lasts during the day rather than into the night. For this type of party you are going to be assured of having a quiet evening if you don’t want to try and stay up all night with the kids. There are plenty of ideas and themes you can choose for a pajama day party. First everyone is going to be required to show up with their favorite pajamas, teddy bear or stuffed animal, and bed time story. Even adults love to read their bed time stories every now and again so for this pajama day party you first must pick a theme. You will also want to include favorite blankets and sleeping bags or bean bag chairs on the list of items to bring.

During the festivities you can have plenty of food, drinks, cake, and games. For children you will want to stick with fruit drinks, milk, maybe a punch, but don’t get them too wound up with soda and candy. For adults you can have sodas and other non alcoholic beverages, after all they should be heading home after the party so alcohol isn’t really recommended.

If you are going to stick with the school idea for a pajama day party most likely you are going to concentrate more on the history of pajamas, slippers, and bed time stories. You will also want to have some type of pajama parade for the contest.

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Pajama party cake

Are you having a pajama party for your kids, but aren’t quite sure what kind of pajama party cake to have? If so you will find a few ideas below to help you pick out the best pajama party cake for your event.

First you must decide if you already have a theme for the party and you want the cake to match. For children and even adults a theme can often decide what decorations, pajama favors, activities, and of course cake you will have. Some popular themes include Shrek, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Veggie Tales, Scooby Doo, and Blues Clues. If you are going with just a typical pajama party as the theme you may want to have a pajama party cake in the shape of a human pair of pajamas decorated with cool colors or sayings depending on your overall idea.

For instance if you are having a bridesmaid pajama party the pajama print may be hot guys, wedding themes, or sayings like good luck or something even more inventive. For children you may decide the cake should relate to a favorite book, movie, or other item in their life they love.

A pajama party cake can be made of anything from chocolate cake, white cake, marble, raspberry or any other type of cake you can think of that the attendees will enjoy. You may even select the type of cake based on the theme of the pajama party.

If you are making your own cake you may not be able to get as inventive with the shape or the actual theme unless you buy the toys to place on the top. If you decide to go with a cake decorator for the pajama party cake you can have a picture superimposed on the cake, more colors or specific themes and have it shaped just the way you want.

The pajama party cake is definitely an essential part of the entire party. After all who can have a party without plenty of snacks, food, and the cake? Even a teddy bear pajama party cake will have the attendees excited about the festivities that will be taking place. Remember you can always have a healthier type of pajama party cake in a carrot cake, tofu cake or other healthy food. It doesn’t always have to be a sweet sensation. When considering a pajama party cake the sky really is the limit on choices.

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Pajama theme party

How do you decide the pajama theme party? Is it going to be based on the time of year, the honored guest, or just what is hot at the moment? When you are looking for a pajama theme party you may want to head online to any search engine. You will find thousands of ideas for women, mixed parties, teenagers, kids, and just family pajama party themes. Below you will find just a few of the top themes for the year.

First and favored are going to be the pajama theme party movies. In this case you will want to choose your favorite movie of the year or just your favorite movie. Hits for children’s pajama party themes include Harry Potter, Shrek, Pirates of the Caribbean, Happy Feet, and other children’s movies that have come out this year. When you choose a pajama theme party with movies involved make sure that the attendees of the children’s party are allowed to watch that specific movie. Some parents have more restrictions on what their kids are allowed to watch, which may differ from your own.

Another pajama theme party that works out great is a pumpkin theme party. For Halloween birthdays or just parties you may want to have the scariest pajama party you’ve ever seen. In this case the pajama’s won’t be cute or sexy, but down right nauseating. You can also make sure that you have a pajama theme party at Halloween with creepy food and drinks, games, and maybe even a little haunted house. Be advised these work great for the older generations, not so much for the little children. For little children you may elect to have a pajama theme party with pumpkin carving as the main event. Of course you will need adults to supervise during these activities.

A pajama theme party with masks is also another great idea. This can be a theme party with a masquerade ball that ends with sleeping on the living room floor with friends. You may choose theme movies as well as theme foods and drinks for the entire night’s festivities. The greatest part about having a pajama theme party is the decorations and costumes everyone gets to wear. It isn’t all bunny slippers and girl talk. To choose the best pajama theme party idea you may wish to try out those search engines for as many ideas as you can find.

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Pajama party dvd

There are many things you can do when you are at a pajama party. There are games, movies, video games, computer games, stories, and much more. If you are looking for a theme for your pajama party you may want to pick up the Pajama Party DVD. The Pajama Party DVD is a 1964 movie with Annette Funicello as the star. The plot of the movie is a Martian teenager who comes to earth to prepare for an invasion. The Martian- Gogo meets up with Aunt Wendy who runs a dress shop for teenagers. Her nephew is on the volleyball team, which leaves his girl friend alone most of the time. So when Connie meets Gogo they fall in love. A motorcycle gang enters into the picture because they want revenge against the volley ball team. At some point during the movie they all wind up at a pajama party, hence the name of the DVD.

There are many ways you can introduce a movie to the party when you have a pajama party DVD theme. You can choose movies like that above, which is based on an actual pajama party idea in the movie or you can choose a different DVD that you would all like to watch. Some of the top pajama party DVD themes of the year include Pirates of the Caribbean, Die Hard series, movies for Halloween, and several others.

If you would like to take your pajama party in a different spin you may make your own pajama party DVD. All you really need is a camera that downloads onto a computer and writes the information onto a DVD. You can have a script for the pajama party DVD or just have the camera moving around the room while everyone interacts. Some guests may be a little self conscious, but after a little time to relax they will enjoy the DVD for years to come. Some of the best home movies are going to be interactions among friends that were taped. You will find that a pajama party DVD will be a keepsake for anyone who attended the party as well. They may wish to have a copy to show their family or just to view when they are in the mood for some fun with friends. So whether you choose the Pajama Party DVD movie from 1964 or you make your own DVD at the party you will have something to remember.

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