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Dress up celebrities

Dress up means to make something appear superficially attractive. Dress up celebrities are mostly models doing publicity for any trade mark or any specific fashion house products. Celebrities usually dress up in an unique manner on big occasions like the Oscars and golden globe awards. Dress ups vary from celebrity to celebrity and country to country. With the passage of time competition between celebrities for best dress up is growing.

When any company or fashion house wants to maximize it sales, they hire some well known models who dress up with their brands in different occasions and usually in commercials. Not every celebrity has found doing similar kind of work. There is a small number of celebrities who are doing this work. There are too many celebrities playing their parts in world media, but not every celebrity got good looks and attractiveness. These standards are strictly applied to dress up celebrity choice. Because more than any product, people get attracted towards the celebrity. People change their dress ups usually with their favorite celebrities. For fashion houses its an easy way to get on top of others.

Due to competition we can’t say that anyone fashion house can get away with this achievement. Some times jealousy arise in between celebrities just because of dress ups. It also causes negative comments on each others personality just to degrade other to get some success. However, sometimes this technique goes against the celebrity. Female celebrities are mostly concerned with this work.

Celebrities normally buy expensive dresses. In the world of celebrities money speaks. Whatever kind of quality they are wearing,, the dress should be expensive. New celebrities sometimes get under confident or sometimes they feel shy in front of big names because of their dress ups. This is the most important thing in their lives. Wherever they go, they first question they would probably have to answer is what they are wearing. So they normally tell the brand names.

A cool and attractive dress up not only increase the personality of the celebrity but also bring them to higher and higher level of fashion. Fashion is the first thing for every old and new celebrity. Celebrities are not alone in this world of fashion. Ordinary girls and boys are also doing similar kind of work to their lives, even by staying out of celebrity world. Some people are even not even celebrity obsessed but they just want to walk side by side to celebrities.

In movies celebrities dress up according to their roles. If the movie is based on some historic events then the dress up will be completely different from the costumes used for any fantasy movie.

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Celebrities in bikinis

Bikinis are one of the most amazing and the most sold outfit ever worn by a human and created by a human. Bikinis are a very important sign for showing off your body. This is for females only. Bikinis are more like a proper outfit and some ladies even wear it in parties and gatherings. Bikinis are very tempting and a very seducing dress for the men who watch these women wearing it. Many celebrities are often shown wearing the bikinis in different photographs. Numerous companies pay these celebrities to pose for their companies advertising in various billboards or magazines. They pay high costs to these celebrities for wearing their bikini outfit and promoting it. Sine the celebrities are known as role models of our lives and they are considered as the trend setters therefore anything that they will wear or do will be of great importance to the fans of these celebrities and also to the general public. Therefore if a company wants to get their thing in the market they look for the best celebrity to do the marketing of their product in order to make it a big success story. There are many different kinds of bikinis which are available in the market. Numerous companies are involved in the bikini making business and they often consult huge celebrities for promoting their product.

Bikini celebrities are normally the super models or the models. One name which is a celebrity and a very famous bikini model is Heidi klum. This super model that is known for her amazing feature and her killing looks and her amazing figure has several times posed for various bikini campaigns. She is regarded as the most beautiful of all the current super models and is given serious weight age over the,. There are many other celebrities who have done ads for several bikini making companies. Celebrities in bikinis always attract their fans and the normal users since this dress is regarded as very seducing and a very attracting dress. These celebrities who pose for the bikinis take huge amount for money from these companies due to their strong market as they get offers from elsewhere too. There are numerous celebrities who pose in the bikinis and they consider is as a part of their own job and profession. You can find about numerous such celebrities on the internet or in magazines. There are sites dedicated to the bikinis entirely.

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Celebrities gone wild

Celebrities are very important for us since they play a major role in our life. They provide us with the bets time pass thing by doing acting and providing us with entertainment. There are many different celebrities around us and many of them which have great influence on our lives. Often these celebrities act in very absurd or odd manner and become a matter of surprise to us. There have been various incident when the celebrities went wild on each other. Celebrities’ gone wild means that they acted in a very odd manner out of the blue for nothing. Some of the very interesting events in which celebrities gone will are:
* Britney and Madonna (in 2003 at a concert while performing together. These two celebrities who are known for their beautiful looks and their amazing voices went wild in front of thousands of audiences. Madonna and Britney are very close friends and are very popular for their friendship as well as for their amazing signing skills. At this concert they shocked the audience as they took it a bit further by kissing each other in front of all the people. This shocked many people and created several controversies)
* Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake (Timberlake is known for his multi talent thing while Janet is a pioneer in the hip hop singing genre. They both are thought to be close friends and have performed together at various concerts. In 2004 this camera as a shocking event when in front of thousands of people Justin decided to pull off part of Janet’s dress from the breast and making the breast come out.)
* Pamela Anderson and Tommy lee (they have been regarded as the most hot but most rude couple once. They proved it once when Tommy lee attacked a number of paparazzi outside a personal party after drinking excessive alcohol and getting out of control)

There are many other times when the celebrities have gone wild and made an embarrassing situation for the people and for their own fans or the followers. There are a number of cases which we can believe about. You can find more about these kinds of cases where celebrities have gone wild by surfing and searching the internet. You will find numerous cases like these. These are just the few of many big embarrassing situations where the celebrities went wild. Almost every famous celebrity has once gone wild in their life.

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Male celebrities

Male celebrities are always the centre of attraction of any film or show. Male celebrities are known for their amazing acting skills and their maintained physique as well as for their looks. There are numerous male celebrities around the world who are known for their work and for their amazing skills. These include celebrities from all around the world. There are many male celebrities form all the countries that enjoy a great popularity among the different people. Male celebrities are usually those males who either act in the films or act in the dramas or are musicians. All of the people who are involved in these fields and are males are normally called male celebrities. But these days the term has been restricted to be used for fewer people and is therefore used for the celebrities who are very popular and are known to a majority number of people. There are many male celebrities in the world. Some of them which are very popular among all the other include:

* Robert Deniro (this is an Italian born actor from the Hollywood. He is known for is marvelous and capturing acting skills. It is said that he gets so involved while acting that nobody can differentiate If he is acting or not. He has done a variety of movies for which he is known as the best among his peers.)
* Al pacino (this Spanish actor is another great actor from the Hollywood and is known for his acting skills. He has done a various number of movies and is known for his unique style of acting and looks.)
* Brad Pitt (this is the actor form Hollywood who is known for his killing looks and amazing acting skills. He is also known as the most desired celebrity by the females around the world. He is currently in a relation with the most beautiful female celebrity “Angelina Jolie:. They are said to be getting married this year by December.)
* Bruce Willis (this is also a great hero from the Hollywood. He is known for his action films. He has acted in majority of the action hits. He is known for his stamina for the action films.)

These are just very few of the mane male celebrities in the world who are extremely popular among the general public and people love them with true emotions. There are many other male celebrities in the world who are very famous too.

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No underwear celebrities

This is most probably one of the most discussed topics on the internet. It involves the search about those celebrities that wear no underwear. No underwear celebrities are actually those celebrities who do not wear or who do not intentionally wear the under garments. There are many celebrities who are popular an famous for their figure and their natural looks and it is these looks which have got them do popular among the people around the world. These celebrities do not wear or do not tend to wear the undergarments for a number of reasons. First of all these people know that all the big names in the industry are looking or them due to their popularity and due to their fame and their looks. Therefore they try to cash those looks and their unique and amazing figures by exposing some of their personal body parts. No underwear celebrities are often caught on tape or camera by the paparazzi which show them wearing nothing beneath their dresses. There are numerous such celebrities which can be easily found on the internet and they can either be searched to get results about a specific celebrity. They are often busted by showing their private body parts as they do not wear anything to conceal them. They then blame paparazzi for this.

But we can’t also deny the celebrities really involved in such kind of business. These kinds of people are just destroying themselves as well as the society. Psychologists say that celebrities involved in such business are either badly in need of money or they believe that they are better than rest of us. In addition to it they also said that such celebrities are always in danger from any ordinary person. Because if we go through past, we can see lots of celebrities in such businesses were murdered or raped.

These celebrities can easily lose their respect in the society. People hate such celebrities whose actions are against the public and cultural values. If we study any religion of the world, this activity has condemned everywhere. There are also lots of punishments defined in the laws of every nation for these sins. When such thing happens to any ordinary person, it wouldn’t affect its life much but in the case of celebrities everybody start pointing and raising questions against such celebrity. In these cases celebrities get so depressed that they start using different pills without any proper instruction which sometimes cost their lives.

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Woman celebrities

Celebrities have a very important place in our lives and they play a major role in keeping the smile on our faces. Celebrities are the people who work hard to provide us with the best of entertainment and with the best of the laughter therapy. There are many different celebrities around the world. There are Millions of celebrities which are coming on TV just to provide us with the best or the quality time while in home with our family. There are many different kinds of celebrities. There are TV celebrities. These are the celebrities who only do shows on the television. Although every celebrity do that but these are only restricted to the small screen and not to the big screens like the cinemas. This means they do not act in the films or the theaters. No matter whatever type of celebrity field it is, there is always a place for the females. Women play a major role in the upbringing of the society. These also play a major role in the field of media. There are woman celebrities who are very important to the media field for providing us with the best of the entertainment.

There are many big names in the media celebrities who are females. They have earned this honor and respect because of their skills and because of their hard work for years that they have done. Although there are numerous woman celebrities in the media but some very important include:
Oprah winfery (she is known to all the Americans and all the other people doe her most popular television show “OPRAH” which includes the interview of different celebrities and discussion of the different problems faced by many homes in the united states)
Nicole Kidman (perhaps every one knows about Nicole. This is an Australian born Hollywood actress who is known for her killing beauty and amazing acting skills. She was the first wife of tom cruise. The couple was known for their beautiful looks)
Britney spears (this British music celebrity who is known for her amazing voice is very popular. She is normally the most popular celebrity for the news channels. Some call her the trouble kid. She has been a celebrity since the young age of eighteen)

These are just few of the many woman celebrities which are in the world today. There are many others which are known for their acting skills and beauty.

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