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Mtv reality tv shows

Normally when you are looking for something to watch on TV for a short time you can flip to MTV and view one of many reality TV shows they have to offer to their viewers. As you know reality shows on MTV come in many different types but they can all relate to one thing and that is drama. It is no lie when you say all reality shows revolve around drama.

The Assistant is one of those shows that you don’t know why you are watching it but just can’t seem to change the channel from it. On ‘The Assistant’ Andy Dick takes 12 individuals through a number of Apprentice like tasks. If you don’t already know it, these individuals are competing for a car, a cell phone package, and a wardrobe from American Eagle Outfitters.

Have you ever watched ‘Surf Girls’ on MTV? This is another one of those TV reality hits that you just can’t stop watching. This show seems to have a lot of drama around it. If you like watching a group of 14 female surfers compete to be in the world championship tour of surfing then you should tune to it. When it comes to ‘Surf Girls’ you will be seeing a lot of arguing, and bickering. You can count on hearing your fare share of smart comments for the day.

‘Trailer Fabulous’ is actually a neat reality show on MTV. ‘Trailer Fabulous’ is hosted by rap artist Brooks Buford and on every show you can count on seeing a different makeover on not only an individuals trailer but also on the individual. The team consists of a famed designer, landscaper and a stylist to get the job done. In this reality show you will hear a lot of funny comments and see a lot of awesome designs.

‘Crashing With’ is also another neat reality TV show. In ‘Crashing With’ a camera crew follows a band around while the band intertwines with the locals. As you are watching it you are probably wishing you could have a chance to crash with a band, who knows, maybe one day you will.

When it comes to MTV with reality shows they sure do have their fare share of reality TV. As long as you have MTV and like reality shows you will always have something to look forward to watching. Keep an eye out for other reality shows n MTV because they are right around the corner.

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