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Home improvement reality tv shows

Home Improvement reality shows are one of the most popular types of show you will find individuals watching. In today’s age where we want to save money for other things many of us often try and find the information a different way to complete a project at home. In the case of home improvement reality shows they are supposed to be teaching you various levels of the construction process. What you will really find is how to decorate a home rather than how to fix a home.

There are three home improvement reality shows that are quite popular at the moment: Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, and Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Trading spaces allows two couples to trade homes for a set period of time. They go in with a team of decorators and contractors. Based on their ideas the work begins, you may learn a little about what the contractors are up to as far as building shelves or fixing a few things around the house, but for the most part it is decorating. The couples are repainting the rooms, adding different covers to the furniture, and making the home look nice again. You will find that with Extreme Makeover Home Edition they are more about the reality of giving someone a new home rather than showing you how to build a home.

In other words Extreme Makeover Home Edition as a home improvement reality show is more for the human interest side of reality rather than the actual work being done on the home. It is more entertaining to watch these home improvement reality shows than they are informative. The shows can actually cause disaster for someone who may try some things at home. In most cases home improvement reality shows leave out parts of the improvement process. They skip steps in order to fit the entire project into the half hour or hour they have for the show. Think back to the cooking shows we used to have and still have. At the end of the half hour you still have a finished meal that in reality takes you over an hour to make. So when you are watching home improvement reality shows you have to be careful to understand what steps could be missing from the instructions they have given you and realize they care more about the human interest side and making it interesting than reality.

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