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Are reality shows real

The question, are reality shows real is one of the most difficult to answer. On the one hand they appear to be real, about real life, and offer us entertainment at the same time. On the other hand it seems a little out there for the reality TV shows to be real. You will find when you try to answer this question that many of the shows splice in the words a viewer wants to hear rather than keep what the contestant actually said. You will also find that some reality shows leave out important aspects regarding information you need. In other words they can be misleading. You will also find that there are legitimate reality shows.

In order to find out are reality shows real you have to take a look at the context of the show, and the main point. You also have to do a little research regarding your favorite show. Trick My Truck is one of the most popular shows on CMT, but is it real? You will find that the Mafia as they call themselves really do work on these vehicles. I don’t know the particulars of how the work is paid for, but the work they do is real. You can actually see these trucks on the highways. My question has always been when they are cosmetically fixing the truck do they actually work on the engine. To me the reality of fixing up an old truck is more than just making it look awesome when it is heading down the road. So partly deciding are reality shows real is based on your perceptions of what is real and what is not.

Home improvement reality shows are about home improvement projects to help you at home. But they often leave out important information regarding the actual improvement process. So do you consider these reality shows to be real? In one context they are actually redoing the home. You can see that the home has been repainted, redecorated, and the individuals are trying to impart some information to the viewer, but on the other hand you don’t see some of the work that took place. In this case your perception is going to determine are reality shows real involving home improvement.

I believe that all shows should be considered entertainment. You will find fault with any reality TV show when you try to consider it real. The networks are just providing what they have always done with television and that is entertainment.

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