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Are reality shows real

The question, are reality shows real is one of the most difficult to answer. On the one hand they appear to be real, about real life, and offer us entertainment at the same time. On the other hand it seems a little out there for the reality TV shows to be real. You will find when you try to answer this question that many of the shows splice in the words a viewer wants to hear rather than keep what the contestant actually said. You will also find that some reality shows leave out important aspects regarding information you need. In other words they can be misleading. You will also find that there are legitimate reality shows.

In order to find out are reality shows real you have to take a look at the context of the show, and the main point. You also have to do a little research regarding your favorite show. Trick My Truck is one of the most popular shows on CMT, but is it real? You will find that the Mafia as they call themselves really do work on these vehicles. I don’t know the particulars of how the work is paid for, but the work they do is real. You can actually see these trucks on the highways. My question has always been when they are cosmetically fixing the truck do they actually work on the engine. To me the reality of fixing up an old truck is more than just making it look awesome when it is heading down the road. So partly deciding are reality shows real is based on your perceptions of what is real and what is not.

Home improvement reality shows are about home improvement projects to help you at home. But they often leave out important information regarding the actual improvement process. So do you consider these reality shows to be real? In one context they are actually redoing the home. You can see that the home has been repainted, redecorated, and the individuals are trying to impart some information to the viewer, but on the other hand you don’t see some of the work that took place. In this case your perception is going to determine are reality shows real involving home improvement.

I believe that all shows should be considered entertainment. You will find fault with any reality TV show when you try to consider it real. The networks are just providing what they have always done with television and that is entertainment.

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Negative impacts of reality tv shows

Studies on reality TV shows are being done by many researchers around the United States alone. They are trying to determine the negative impacts of reality TV shows and what difference reality TV show has really made. TV has been a long debate for a lot of individuals. There are some that find any television to be violent, unreal, and just something kids shouldn’t watch on a regular basis. Television has been blamed for quite a lot, but what are the real negative impacts of reality TV shows.

Violence, language, distorting reality and naming it reality television, and stupid stunts seem to mark a lot of reality television. You also have your love stories, dating shows, dancing shows, and home improvement shows. What are the children watching? Most often you will find teenagers watching American Idol, Dating shows, the Bachelor, and other shows. Some individuals think the negative impacts shown on marriage, and the “real world” distort what the kids take away from the show.

When considering this question what negative impacts of reality TV shows really exist you have to look at the individuals watching them. Little children are just beginning to learn how to disassociate reality from unreality. They will have a hard time viewing a reality TV show and finding where the half truths lie. Therefore the negative impacts of reality TV shows are going to be higher for this age range.

A teenager is going to view the reality shows and understand what could happen if they try it at home, and what may be faked by the networks for entertainment purposes. In this case they can dissociate reality versus non reality. Does this mean they will not try something at home? Teenagers like adventure and they will try stunts that could get them hurt, but is it the negative impacts of reality TV shows causing this? In most cases it is a lack of control. They seem something, try it, and get hurt even knowing that they could get hurt. It is about exploration. Having parental control can reduce some of these stunts from being pulled.

So while reality TV show does have negative connotations it is how the information is received and dealt with on a personal basis that will result in negative impacts. Making sure someone realizes that while it is called reality TV there are always certain aspects that can be manipulated is important.

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Reality shows in the uk

Reality shows in the UK are very similar to the ideas in America. You will find that the Apprentice, Big Brother and several other shows have been developed in the UK as well as in America. Reality shows in the UK also include 999, British Mole Library, Dragons Den, Eden, Edwardian Country House, and many others.

The 999 show is based on reconstructions of real life rescues and safety tips. This reality show in the UK is more like a dramatization of real world. They are trying to teach you how to react in an emergency for a variety of different problems while keeping you entertained enough to continue watching. They talk about obesity, heart test failings, and other information with regards to showing you not only about health, but also about situations you may find yourself in as others have.

The Edwardian Country House is a series where they have volunteers come to the house to experience a different lifestyle. These volunteers are apparently taped so that the people watching from home will not miss a moment of the drama.

Faking It is another reality show in the UK. It is based on a person adopting another personality for a period of three weeks to fool the experts into thinking they are someone else. It is hard to understand what reality shows in the UK may be real reality shows and those like the American versions where there is a lot of scripting and video work to make the show seem more interesting.

Apparently the reality shows in the UK are trying to exhibit what reality really is about for the purposes of entertainment as well. You will also find Popstars UK and Survivor UK on the channels.

As with the rest of the world you will find that reality shows in the UK are making their way to fame. The ITV’s singing contest brought in an audience of more than seven million making it a large success. You will also find that Strictly Come Dancing was another hit. It seems that the audiences everywhere are into the same types of reality shows when you consider many have spin offs around the world or at least air in different parts of the world. The reality shows in the UK don’t seem to be strictly limited to any age group. There seems to be a long list of reality shows in the UK for just about anyone who is interested in watching television for a couple of hours.

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How to get chosen on reality tv shows

Have you ever thought about signing up to be on a reality show? Is this because you believe you actually have talent or someone has told you you have talent? If you are thinking of signing up to be a contestant on a reality TV show then you will need to know a little bit of information before you do so. You will need to know how to dress, talk, act, and all of the above.

Really, how do you think you should act on a reality TV show? The truth is you should really act like yourself. Reality producers don’t want actors or actresses they want real life people. You should always act in a friendly manner, no matter how much the judge downs you. What you are aiming for is being chosen for the upcoming reality shows, so give them all you have. Whatever they ask you to do, by all means do it.

Do you really want to get chosen for that upcoming reality show? If you do, then you should devote yourself to it. Have you ever heard of the saying “practice makes perfect?” There is actually truth behind this saying, when you are about to go on a reality TV show you need to make sure you have everything down pat. If you plan on trying out for American Idol then you will want to work on a song every day, numerous times a day until you get all of those flaws out. Yes, people have flaws, but when it comes to getting chosen for reality shows they normally pick the one that has less flaws.

When it comes to reality TV shows they tell you to fill out an application, just as any job does. If you were the judge would you want a sloppy application handed in to you? If you get an application from a contestant that did not follow proper instructions on it what would you do? More than likely you would file it in the trashcan. When you are filling out the application to be on a reality TV show you will want to read and follow those instructions as if you were reading instructions to disassemble a ticking bomb. If you are really serious about being on a reality show you will set aside some time for that application, don’t just take five minutes on it, you can take up to two hours to fill out your application. If you follow these instructions, practice and filling out the application properly then you should be on your way to stardom or the million dollars you will be competing for in no time.

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Mtv reality tv shows

Normally when you are looking for something to watch on TV for a short time you can flip to MTV and view one of many reality TV shows they have to offer to their viewers. As you know reality shows on MTV come in many different types but they can all relate to one thing and that is drama. It is no lie when you say all reality shows revolve around drama.

The Assistant is one of those shows that you don’t know why you are watching it but just can’t seem to change the channel from it. On ‘The Assistant’ Andy Dick takes 12 individuals through a number of Apprentice like tasks. If you don’t already know it, these individuals are competing for a car, a cell phone package, and a wardrobe from American Eagle Outfitters.

Have you ever watched ‘Surf Girls’ on MTV? This is another one of those TV reality hits that you just can’t stop watching. This show seems to have a lot of drama around it. If you like watching a group of 14 female surfers compete to be in the world championship tour of surfing then you should tune to it. When it comes to ‘Surf Girls’ you will be seeing a lot of arguing, and bickering. You can count on hearing your fare share of smart comments for the day.

‘Trailer Fabulous’ is actually a neat reality show on MTV. ‘Trailer Fabulous’ is hosted by rap artist Brooks Buford and on every show you can count on seeing a different makeover on not only an individuals trailer but also on the individual. The team consists of a famed designer, landscaper and a stylist to get the job done. In this reality show you will hear a lot of funny comments and see a lot of awesome designs.

‘Crashing With’ is also another neat reality TV show. In ‘Crashing With’ a camera crew follows a band around while the band intertwines with the locals. As you are watching it you are probably wishing you could have a chance to crash with a band, who knows, maybe one day you will.

When it comes to MTV with reality shows they sure do have their fare share of reality TV. As long as you have MTV and like reality shows you will always have something to look forward to watching. Keep an eye out for other reality shows n MTV because they are right around the corner.

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Band reality shows

When Survivors and Big Brother first aired around the same time we were not aware that more reality TV shows would be surfacing the TV near you. Would you have ever thought that there would actually be a reality show that focused on bands? If you are like many when you first saw band reality shows you probably said, “Wow, this is what I have been wanting to see.” You know something? More and more band reality shows are starting to come out and create some good bands in this world, bands that would have never formed if it weren’t for band reality shows.

If you play the piano, drums, guitar, or saxophone you may watch other individuals show their skill when it comes to musical instruments. A lot of the band reality shows will have contestants on their shows that have been playing the musical instrument for years on end, then you have those ones that are just learning to play a musical instrument. Have you ever been sitting there watching a band reality TV show and see someone on there that just does not seem to be musically inclined at all? You wonder if they are just appearing on TV for their minute or do they really think they can play? You can count on the judge telling them their true opinion.

Some band reality shows take a group of people put them together and see how they end up, then there are those that have judges that listen to people show their musical talents. Have you ever heard of ‘The Next Great American Band?’ It is a lot like American Idol, it will be a very competitive series that will be searching the country for some of the best musical groups. If you haven’t heard of this show yet it is because it isn’t out yet. It is about to air in approximately two weeks, but this reality show sounds like it is going to be one of the best out of them all.

If you think you have a bit of talent when it comes to playing a musical instrument then maybe you should go out and show the world just how much talent you have. Who knows, you could end up being one of the best when it comes to band reality shows. You can’t make a fool out of yourself anymore than some of the contestants on the band reality shows do.

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