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Urban fashion trends

Urban wear is often categorized as the rapper hip hop apparel. Often lose fitting, urban wear gives the city dweller lifestyle approach. Urban wear is usually known to be worn by teens and adults in their 20’s. Anything older and you’d be thought of as loser and a bum. The only ones so far who are able to get away with wearing hip hop apparel and still be over 30 are rappers, gangsters and athletes. Most urban wear is either made for or made by any of the aforementioned groups.

Urban wear is pretty much street wear. The bathing Ape in lukewarm water label from Japan is a popular clothing apparel. Tribal Wear also specializes in clothes for urban wear. Urban trends are often loose, comfortable and stylish clothes that allow you to express yourself and your work. The Japanese take subculture fashion to the streets the boldness and choice of clothes has in many ways made their outfits into everyday-wearable haute couture. While not everybody has the attitude to pull off the mix matched Victorian inspired, school girl/boy and anime look altogether a lot of their quirky outfits can be dissected and used as separate accent pieces. The climate in Japan has often inspired layered clothing. The use of light pieces piled on top of each other gives added texture and volume.

Accessories that are related to their line of work or interests often adorn a typical urban outfit. Caps, chains, knuckles, belts, watches etc are some of the pieces used. A factor in making fashion, urban trendy is the talent to produce a look that works for your body type. Something you can wear that screams personality, attitude and style. Urban fashion trends mainly depict fashion apparel and accessories mixed in with personal style. The idea is to be able to create an artfully done outfit while allowing the wearer, which is you to still be able to go about their work without having to worry that the design is ruined. Sometimes stressed or distressed fabrics and reconstructed clothing also appeals as urban wear. Urban fashion is everyday wear it’s stylish, it’s affordable and functional. Artists like Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs is one of the few who have dipped there artistry in clothing endeavors. His work catered to young urbanites, who often go clubbing.

Fashion trends usually vary depending on culture and society. Urban street fashion is a collaboration of your style with the current fashion forecasts often with urban wear, designs tend to be flashy and flamboyant if not down played. Urban fashion trends are not restricted to artist and athletes, a great percentage of urban wear deals with fashion for the young metropolitan. Urban metropolitan fashion generally allows for a casual get up that can easily switch from day to night use. Work to party fashion to be exact. More importantly urban fashion does not restrict self expression, of art, or music of any lifestyle it allows it to flourish and be exhibited and appreciated.

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