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Facebook is a public utility that brings people together, allows you to communicate with friends and family that you haven’t been in contact with for some time. You can upload as many photographs as you wish to your profile, you can share links, experiences and videos with your friends and you can learn more about what your friends are up to and learn about their friends, that way you make even more friends!

The best thing about Facebook is that anyone can join the program. As long as you have a valid email address, you can have Facebook and reunite with long lost friends and family as well as your close friends and family. If you wish to communicate with classmates or coworkers, you can use your work or school email address to sign up with Facebook. Then when you have registered, you can join a local network if you want to connect with others in the same area as you.

Facebook consists of many different networks, each of them based around a school, company or region. Join networks that reproduce your communities and learn more about the individuals who live, work and go to school near you. You can converse with people you don’t even know, make new friends and have fun! Send each other things to add to your profile, be creative and enjoy Facebook!

The platform of Facebook provides for everyone around the world, no matter where you are, you receive the same features as everyone else does. You can add applications and invite your friends to add them too if they haven’t already done so. The applications are virtually endless, there’s everything from being vampires and werewolves and biting people, to “yo mama” and Chuck Norris jokes. Even build a car, race, fight, pinch, slap, smile, hug, there are so many things you can do to your friends, it is so much fun!

Facebook is safe, but you have to let it be safe too. Don’t give out personal information to people you don’t know. You can choose to only let people in your friends list read your profile, while others that wish to see it will first have to add you as a friend, you will then confirm that you are friends with this person and then they may view your profile. You can have your profile available for anyone to see, but remember the risk is yours and you should only allow people you know to view your private information.

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Facebook errors

The Facebook errors normally appear every time the Facebook website experience page errors. When these errors appear, there’s nothing that you can do but just look at the stuffs on the web page as you cannot be able to click or scroll on anything on it. Once Facebook errors occur there’s nothing that you can do no matter how many windows you open.

When you encounter Facebook errors, you need to make sure that all Internet stuffs such as flash, browser, java and other applications are all updated. Facebook errors are normally caused by advertisements that uses flash applications. Once these applications are not able to load on the browser, it only means that your Internet stuffs are not updated. Another reason for displaying of Facebook errors is the wrong configurations of the server.

The Facebook errors have tendencies on exposing the homepage codes of Facebook website. You may check on the leaked codes on some of the Facebook blogs posted on the Internet website. These leaked codes posted on the Facebook blogs are not constituted by security breaches and there are no immediate reasons to be much concerned on your Facebook profile data. However with the listed Facebook errors on the Facebook blogs, hackers could have far better ideas on how the website of Facebook works as well as the site’s vulnerabilities and accessibilities. Because of the leaked Facebook error codes, it only proves that the Internet site of Facebook contains amateur programming. Also these codes are alleged codes that usually appear on the front page of the Facebook website.

Facebook errors can be prevented from happening in the Facebook website as there are plenty of ways to do it. One most effective and easiest way to prevent Facebook errors is to use the Apache module security that detects and stop the source codes from sending plain texts. Because of the fact that Facebook website was not using the Apache module security and wrong configured servers, the site tends to experience Facebook errors.

With the leaked codes of Facebook errors on some of the Facebook blogs, there are plenty of groups that are quite happy as these groups would have the chances of stealing the codes from the Facebook website as well as becoming more promotional.

The Facebook errors are considered by some Facebook users to be a nightmare theft as these errors are having the chance of stealing the identity of any Facebook users. With the occurrence of Facebook errors, it only shows that Facebook website does not operate at the highest security levels that it should be. Also, the Facebook website had done basic errors when it comes to user safeguards.

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Wiki facebook

Facebook is a very popular social networking website that lets individuals communicate with others and send each other information. Facebook was founded by a man named Mark Zuckerberg on the 4th of February 2004. Mark attended Ardsley High School and Harvard University. In the beginning, Facebook was only for the students of the University Mark attended, but it was soon expanded to many other schools in the Boston area, some of which includes, Tufts University, Boston College, Harvard, Boston University, and Northeastern University and got to all athletic conference schools, or Ivy League schools, within approximately two months of launching.

After a while, all individuals that had a university email address could join Facebook, and it didn’t matter which country they were from, as long as they had the email address they could be part of this craze. Then, once that was out in the open and thousands of university students were connected, a few big companies and high schools were added to the network. Then in 2006, the service was made available to anyone who had a valid email address. When users join they have to choose a network they belonged to, for example, a high school, college, university, region or work place.

As of July 2007, the social networking service Facebook was recorded to have the largest number of people amongst college based sites, as it had more than 34 million users around the world. Within only one year, Facebook’s ranking of being the 60th most visited website increased to being the 7th most visited website on the internet and was also ranked the very best site for uploading photographs in the United States. The amount of photos uploaded daily on Facebook was 8.5 million as of September 2007.

Facebook is a free a service to join and it is easy to create a profile. According to a recent study conducted, it was reported that approximately 85% of learners previously in college have a Facebook profile. Those that are a part of Facebook, 60% of them log in to their account everyday, about 80% of them log in only once every week and 93% will log in only once every month. The spokesman for the popular networking service says that users spend about 19 minutes on average on Facebook everyday.

A study regarding college students was conducted in 2006 and it was recorded that Facebook was the second best thing to do, where the iPod was the first.

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Facebook stuff

Facebook is definitely one of the best creations ever and there are probably millions of people that will agree with that statement. It allows you to freely communicate with friends and family and the greatest thing about it is that it has reunited so many people with long lost friends and relatives. There are hundreds; if not thousands of people using Facebook that have recently been in contact with people they haven’t seen or heard from in years. There is so much different Facebook stuff to keep one busy for endless hours. Whether you are online from a computer or you are using Facebook mobile, you will be hooked!

Some great Facebook stuff includes what they call “SuperPoke!” With this application you can do cool things to your friends! Do things like throw sheep, slap, caress, chest bump, cuddle, dropkick, feed, high five, irritate, kiss, karate chop, pet, pinch, roundhouse kick, sucker punch, worship, give beer, hug, wink, spank, smile, dance, headbutt, or lick your friends, they’ll love it and do something worse back to you and that’s how it goes until someone decides to stop it! It might sound stupid and boring to some, but if you have experienced the SuperPoke actions with your friends, you will know how fun and funny it can be!

Other cool Facebook stuff is the iLike application that allows you to post songs on your profile and listen to them whenever you want to. You can also have pictures of the artists you like as well as dedicate songs to your friends and receive their dedications to you. This is where you realize just how much meaning songs can actually have! The quizzes are also great, create quizzes and let your friends take them to see how well they know you! Ask any questions you want and create as many quizzes as you wish! These can be lots of fun; just don’t get caught with a 20% score after you take your best friends quiz!

Get your name written in Japanese posted on your profile and have a picture of yourself beautifully sketched by the Sketch me application; all Facebook stuff is just so awesome! Buy a round of drinks for all your friends at happy hour; they will appreciate that, especially after a hard days work!

When you want to get to the other funny Facebook stuff, add applications like the Chuck Norris jokes, yo mama jokes, knock knock jokes and have a laugh everyday! Other fun Facebook stuff includes games like pacman, hangman, counter strike and many more!

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Facebook hacks

The facebook hacks is one of the new features that facebook recently announced to its users. It allows you in grouping your friends into several categories so you can have the control on who are the people that exactly view your profile regularly. However, this feature is not yet fully functioning as there are still issues concerning privacy that facebook website is has not yet settled.

The search results in facebook hacks are quite revealing as Google can be able to display the private data of the website whereas people get worried and uncomfortable of the idea. Facebook users are also not calm of this idea because of the reason on job searches where any employing companies can be able to make a Google search over the Internet just to investigate some issues related to you as well as your previous jobs. Also, with facebook hacks, the idea of photo applications comes with it especially if you have uploaded some of your private photos where shots are funny and wacky. This may not be good impression for the employing company you have applied in. Another thing is that if your employing company is a facebook user or member wherein he or she can be able to use the search features exclusively granted by the website.

On the contrary, facebook users or members need not worry of losing his or her incriminating and precious data as you can be able to hide all of it through the facebook hacks. All you have to do is just click the privacy link provided by the facebook hacks so you can edit your settings as well as your search options to make sure that you have securely and correctly set-up every data in your profile. Apparently, if you are extremely paranoid about being searched out through facebook, there is always an option for you to hide yourself from everybody else in the facebook website who are not your friends. But this idea would make you hard to find by some of your old or new friends and colleagues.

Facebook hacks can also help you on setting up your user profile to make sure that your professors are not looking for your profile. Through this, all the nasty things you have written about your professors will be kept hidden against the walls of other people. The facebook hacks can help you prevent from any incidents that may cause your relationship with your professors. However, the students of Oxford University are now finding difficulties in setting up their individual accounts in facebook as the university is going through in every facebook profile of their students. Oxford University had implemented rule violations on facebook concerning photo uploading and blogging. The university had incurred on getting fines from their students who will violate their implemented rule violations in the usage of facebook website.

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College facebook

The College facebook is a social networking Internet site where you can easily get connected with your friends and acquaintances. In this Internet site you may also play games and enjoy it. One method in College facebook to able to strike up any conversations is that you can even add a person without actually adding him or her as a friend. Unlike other forms of social networking websites, the College facebook is only intended for college students as well as for alumni.

College facebook is basically modeled from the traditional facebooks of school colleges and universities. The contents of the College facebook may include interests, information and photos of the students as well as name booklets. The Internet site of College facebook is rapidly expanding nowadays since it is created and designed for college students of every university or college. The creators of the College facebook are now targeting in expanding the site in most American colleges. They are also planning on the concept of putting an all-school college facebook online worldwide so students can be able to access their account in wherever or whatever places they may be as long there in an Internet connection. At this present time, it is believed that the College facebook mostly comprise of college student at an approximate population rate of ninety-five percent.

In registering a user account in College facebook, college students can be able to compile lists of his or her friends, summer vacation plans, class schedules and other personal information. The College facebook Internet site also allows the users in sending messages to its networks. Furthermore, the College facebook also permits student users to search for several residential houses. With these several features that College facebook has, the Internet site would definitely be a cool and multi school thing.

Because of the initial success of the College facebook, the creators of this Internet site is planning to take hold of a directory that is all-inclusive as well as being exclusive for individual users. They are also projecting for some stored changes for the Internet site of the College facebook. One stored change that the creators are planning is to offer more information about them as the creators of College facebook. This change covers adding some extra pictures as well as some profile information about their creations and achievements. Another change that they project is that for the students to have more fun in discovering the capabilities of the College facebook as an Internet site.

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