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Notebook computers made in america

Are you wondering where your notebook computer was actually made. We used to have factories in America that made all their own products. HP, Dell, Macintosh are just the top three companies in America that make notebook computers; however are they actually using parts from America or are they receiving most of the parts from other countries. Below you will find a list of notebook computer companies that do make parts in America.

Union Built PC builds notebook computers made in America. You will find that most of the parts such as memory, expansion cards, and a few other parts are still manufactured in America. You will also find that they assemble to notebook computers in America. Keep in mind that not all parts are going to come from America.

Dell notebook computers made in America are actually relocating to China from Malaysia. So you are now buying computers that while assembled in some American factories are more about of Asia than they are America.

According to the website you will find most of the notebook computers made in America are no longer using parts or assembling the entire computer in America. In fact HP, Dell, IBM, Gateway, Apple, and Casio notebook computers are being manufactured in Taiwan and Shanghai.

When you consider notebook computers made in America you will find that some parts are still being manufactured in America or that they are assembling the final product in America for Americans. Shipping costs can be quite high when you are thinking of purchasing a notebook computer from a factory. It is best to find a local assembly factory to help reduce the costs of shipping.

You will also find that notebook computers made in America are not the only products being created at these factories. HP, Dell, IBM, and other computer companies are also manufacturing cameras, printers, televisions, desktop computers, ink, and paper. You may find that these items are actually made in America rather than sending out to other countries. If you are really interested in knowing what parts are actually made in America for notebook computers you will probably have to ask the corporation. Many of the websites seem to be less than informative in giving a complete dossier on their manufacturing practices. With the many choices for notebook computers out there it seems you just have to go with the company you trust and perhaps have used before. Many individuals tend to have a favorite manufacturer of computers and they want by anything else.

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