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Facebook stuff

Facebook is definitely one of the best creations ever and there are probably millions of people that will agree with that statement. It allows you to freely communicate with friends and family and the greatest thing about it is that it has reunited so many people with long lost friends and relatives. There are hundreds; if not thousands of people using Facebook that have recently been in contact with people they haven’t seen or heard from in years. There is so much different Facebook stuff to keep one busy for endless hours. Whether you are online from a computer or you are using Facebook mobile, you will be hooked!

Some great Facebook stuff includes what they call “SuperPoke!” With this application you can do cool things to your friends! Do things like throw sheep, slap, caress, chest bump, cuddle, dropkick, feed, high five, irritate, kiss, karate chop, pet, pinch, roundhouse kick, sucker punch, worship, give beer, hug, wink, spank, smile, dance, headbutt, or lick your friends, they’ll love it and do something worse back to you and that’s how it goes until someone decides to stop it! It might sound stupid and boring to some, but if you have experienced the SuperPoke actions with your friends, you will know how fun and funny it can be!

Other cool Facebook stuff is the iLike application that allows you to post songs on your profile and listen to them whenever you want to. You can also have pictures of the artists you like as well as dedicate songs to your friends and receive their dedications to you. This is where you realize just how much meaning songs can actually have! The quizzes are also great, create quizzes and let your friends take them to see how well they know you! Ask any questions you want and create as many quizzes as you wish! These can be lots of fun; just don’t get caught with a 20% score after you take your best friends quiz!

Get your name written in Japanese posted on your profile and have a picture of yourself beautifully sketched by the Sketch me application; all Facebook stuff is just so awesome! Buy a round of drinks for all your friends at happy hour; they will appreciate that, especially after a hard days work!

When you want to get to the other funny Facebook stuff, add applications like the Chuck Norris jokes, yo mama jokes, knock knock jokes and have a laugh everyday! Other fun Facebook stuff includes games like pacman, hangman, counter strike and many more!


November 20, 2007 - Posted by | Blogroll

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