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Facebook blog

The facebook blog is one of the enhancements that facebook website has. Aside from the good and bigger sources of search engines that facebook provides to its users, the facebook blog is one particular structure that is easier to understand and can be optimized by any facebook users. The facebook blog is regarded the crawler for the facebook site that is designed and created with built-in memory reverse index, which is being used both for ternary and hashes ties. The blog is also designed with a ranking system that is scaled up to return the unique results for more than 28 millions user facebook profiles.

The search results in facebook blog is normally sorted according to proximity of the social graph distances, which means people who are near to you in graph such as your friends or people in your networks are somehow relevant to you so ranking would be higher. The concept of this sorting is also known as “social proximity” and being used to search results within the applications such as events and groups. The website of facebook is planning to enhance the searching on facebook blog so that key differentiation during search would leverage the power of the social graph distances as well as improving the quality of the search results and ensuring that the facebook users can be able to find exactly what they are searching for.

The facebook blog is accompanied with some photos applications, which is probably one of the most popular sections on the facebook site. In the photo application, facebook users can perform the cool frontend features such as editing, tagging and uploading. It also has photo infrastructure that quietly works throughout the day in serving all photos of million of facebook users. The photo applications at facebook blog have fleet of servers that receives and uploads photos on quality settings so photos can look at their best. The fleets and caches of servers can feed images to the content delivery network partners of the facebook website and can serve photo traffics directly.

The facebook blog has its own developed and specialized web servers where files are tunedwith few disk reads. The servers of the facebook blog just like with the website’s photo application section have thousands of hard drive and input/output spindles that are concern more on the high traffics.

The section of facebook blog is most talked about area in the facebook website. It is also the most misunderstood web service that facebook extends to its users. However, nowaday, the facebook blog has been a hype for different classes of people making it as an essential addition to high technology life. Through the facebook blog, your social networking experience can become as what or how you expect it.

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