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Who is involved in alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is a multi-faceted issue. It doesn’t limit itself to the alcohol addict themselves, but instead stretches it’s tentacles into the depths of even the persons the alcohol addict barely brush. Who exactly IS involved in alcohol addiction? Let’s start with who the alcohol addict interacts with the most in an average day, their family.

The family of an alcohol addict is involved in the alcohol addiction usually to the very core. Frequently the alcohol addiction is aided, albeit unintentionally, by the ones who care the most about the alcohol addict, earning them the title of “enabler”. The alcohol addiction has many effects upon the family of the alcohol addict, from strained, stressed relationships, to even abusive relationships, oft while the alcohol addict is in the throes of their alcohol addiction.

Friends of an alcohol addict are occasionally alcohol addicts themselves, and more often they too are “enablers”. Many friendships are lost due to alcohol addiction. Who wishes to be involved with someone who in the process of their alcohol addiction forgets promises made to friends, and sometimes can cause embarrassing scenes? The best friend during an alcohol addiction is the one who says, “Enough.”. Though with an alcohol addiction, the alcohol addict is most likely to view that person as just the opposite, instead seeing them as a dire enemy merely because they refuse to enable the alcohol addiction.

Employers, and employees become effected by the alcohol addiction as well. They suffer from missed work, missing pay checks, and various other incidents. An employer cannot afford to have someone who from the severity of their alcohol addiction will arrive to work in an alcohol haze. An employee cannot depend upon the extreme swings of the alcohol addiction afflicted employer to provide work, or even at times pay. In a business view, alcohol addiction is quite severe. It can cripple, or ruin the career, or business of one who is involved in alcohol addiction.

There are also the other victims of the alcohol addiction. While someone who has an alcohol addiction may believe they are driving perfectly, in a split second they can have an accident, and the person who they hit becomes another victim of the alcohol addiction. At work, if someone who is under the burden of an alcohol addiction is operating a crane for example, and makes one false move, dropping a large item, there could be not one, but multiple victims.

Not all who are involved in alcohol addiction are involved on the victimized side. Caregivers and supporters such as doctors, therapists, and sometimes, persons recovered from an alcohol addiction themselves, are all available to offer aid to someone who is seeking help for an alcohol addiction. These persons are there to help, and offer their support, whether thru a heartfelt chat about alcohol addiction, group therapy, or medical care supportive of ending an alcohol addiction.

Overall, the amount of persons who are involved in alcohol addiction is rather overwhelming. Most people who are in an alcohol addiction don’t truly realize the width their actions impact. If a someone who has an alcohol addiction could sit down, and see clearly who their alcohol addiction impacts, perhaps it would aid them in their decision to begin treatment to end their alcohol addiction.

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