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Story of alcohol addiction

The story of alcohol addiction is a long, and lengthy affair. The story of alcohol, and it’s consumption is an even longer such affair. Alcohol has been used and consumed since before biblical times. While alcohol has been around for millennia, alcohol addiction is considered to be of relatively new discovery, only a few hundred years, has even the over consumption of alcohol been noticed. It wasn’t until even more recently, around 1860, that alcohol addiction itself became noticed as such, an addiction to alcohol.

Alcohol addiction in an individual sense has a story for every person who is consumed by their addiction to alcohol. One man told his story of alcohol addiction, as being a salve to his mind for abuses suffered during his childhood. Another’s story was more complex, and involved a start of just having a few drinks with friends, to spiralling out of control into a full blown alcohol addiction. There is a story, and usually a deep pain associated with alcohol addiction and each person who has dealt with it.

Alcohol has a story rooted deep in ancient times, of it’s medicinal purposes. Centuries ago, before alcohol addiction was even a thought in the mind of a scholar, medicine was an exceedingly limited field. Personally when looking back on a story I read of medicinal options even 500 years ago, I believe I’d choose drinking some whiskey, or other form of alcohol long before I’d opt to go thru leech therapy! However, alcohol had it’s uses. In those far ancient times, going back to even the Bible, alcohol was a far more common beverage than water today. The reason is medically sound. While at points in history, it may not have been recognized, by drinking wine, persons were avoiding serious health problems. Alcohol killed many bacteria and pathogens, thereby rendering undrinkable water, in it’s new form of wine, or mead, into a safe drink.

Alcohol addiction has a story that is rooted in centuries of people noticing persons over-consuming the alcohol. Around 150 years ago though, a man noticed that persons seemed to have a true addiction to the alcohol, which brought the story of alcohol addiction to it’s current state of being. In the past 150 years, as the story of alcohol addiction has matured, the studies and treatments have likewise grown. A story that started so many years ago, is today a story of hope, of treatment.

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