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Alcohol addiction support centre

Alcohol addiction is a multi-faceted issue. It doesn’t limit itself to the alcohol addict themselves, but instead stretches it’s tentacles into the depths of even the persons the alcohol addict barely brush. The family of an alcohol addict is involved in the alcohol addiction usually to the very centre of the issue. Frequently the alcohol addiction receives support, albeit unintentional support, by the ones who care the most about the alcohol addict, the ones in the centre of the maelstrom created by the alcohol addiction. The alcohol addiction has many effects upon the centre of the family of the alcohol addict, from strained, stressed relationships, to even abusive relationships, oft while the alcohol addict is in the throes of their alcohol addiction.

The alcohol addiction very oft alienates the persons who support the alcohol addict the most. By removing the centre of their emotional support, it can either aid or be detrimental to the recovery of a person in an alcohol addiction. Some persons suffering from an alcohol addiction, when the feel the effects of the sudden loss of their centre of support open their eyes, and work on making a recovery. Very often though, a person with an alcohol addiction when faced with the loss of the centre of their support will instead turn to a new centre of support, their alcohol bottle. Either way it goes, that centre of support is vital to a recovery at any point for someone with an alcohol addiction. An average person needs a centre of emotional support to get thru life, and someone struggling with something as hard to deal with as an alcohol addiction will be even more in need of that centre of emotional support.

So what can the family and close friends, the ones who are to be the centre of support, do to aid in the recovery from an alcohol addiction? In the simplest form, BE THERE. The very phrase centre of support implies that these persons will be the stable platform, a rock if you will, for the person ending an alcohol addiction. But being a centre of support does not mean aiding a person who is attempting to end an alcohol addiction in drinking. Even offering a drink out of sympathy for the suffering a person is going thru can cause a relapse. The centre of support must be strong, and there when needed, non-judgemental, and once again, most importantly, always, always BE THERE.

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