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Alcohol addiction medication

Alcohol addiction is a widespread issue in today’s world. While it can have devastating affects, happily, there are also many forms of treatment available. The treatments focus on 3 main areas, physical, social, and mental. While each of the three play an important role in the treatment of alcohol addiction, they are different in the methods they employ to treat the alcohol addiction. Perhaps the treatment area with the most hard evidence to support it is the physical one.

Physically treating an alcohol addiction begins with treating withdrawal effects. While there is not a specific medication to handle the effects, there is medication available to help ease the initial transition. The withdrawal is the hardest part, physically and mentally in the course of ending an alcohol addiction. Before there was medication available to help ease this period of withdrawal, there were noted to be lower success rates in ending alcohol addiction.

After the withdrawal stage, there is the long term to consider. There will be a medication always available to treat other medical issues which have ensued due to the alcohol addiction. From antibiotic medication for secondary infections to a medication like AZT to treat an HIV infection resulting from the alcohol addiction, there is a proper treatment. No one medication is going to fulfil all the medication roles that will arise for the long term treatment of alcohol addiction, however, there are far more medication options, and therefore far more options to help on the road to alcohol addiction recovery. Some medications that are available to treat the alcohol addiction are the following:
Acamprosate, has been found to be a valid medication in assisting with recovery from alcohol addiction.
Antabuse ( Disulfiram), a medication which produces varying responses when introduced to the body along with alcohol such as stomach unease, throwing-up, and diarrhoea
Naltrexone, which is a commonly used medication for treating a narcotic overdose has been found helpful in reducing the pleasant effects of a relapse.
Topamax, a medication which is most commonly used for an anti-seizure medication and that is also used for some neuralgic conditions, as well as occasionally used to treat depression, was discovered to be competent in the overall treatment of alcohol addiction.

Medication is an aid in the process of recovering from an alcohol addiction. More than medication, is the importance of a person’s dedication to their healing process. With alcohol addiction, one should not lose sight of the fact that they themselves are the most important medication for alcohol addiction recovery.

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