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Japanese fashion and trends

Tokyo is the epicenter of Japanese fashion; Shibuya, Akihabara, Shinjuku and Roppongi are some of the districts known for fashion conscious teens and tweens. Japanese street fashion to the unfamiliar, often look like couture. Japanese fashion and trends is associated to the ever growing number of subcultures.

The Kogal is a subculture whose fashion trend is a display of their disposable incomes; this is done through their taste and choice of clothes, music preferences and other forms present in a social circle. Kogals mimic the look of California valley girls. Artificial tans, contact lenses, bleached hair that is often blonde or brown and obvious amounts of make up piled onto their faces is the initial Kogal look. For students, uniforms are pinned higher to achieve the mini skirt, cardigans and sweater vests accompanied by leg warmers are the focal point of this trend. Often times Kogals are thought of as prostitutes because of their insatiable need for material goods. Designer labels like Louie Vuitton and Burberry are staples along with the latest mobile phone. Cruel Intentions meets Bring It On meets Mean Girls, get the picture?

Lolita is the most popular of subculture trend; nearly everybody will link the term to the Japanese. I’m sure Emily Strange comes to mind upon the mere mention of Goth. There are three types of Lolita’s: Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita and Punk Lolita. GothLoli’s adapt the Edwardian look, dark colors with frills and full skirts. Accessories like brooches, bonnets and parasols are added. SweetLoli’s go for the baby doll clothes, in colors of pink, blues and whites. Aprons, collars, bows and stuffed animals are part of the ensemble. Punk Lolita’s use a lot of plaid with the addition of chains, wristbands, lace and pearls in their whole outfit.

Elegant Goth Aristocrats on the other hand focus on simple tailored, identical clothing, tight pants, long skirts typically in black are meant to express the androgynous look. Additionally both men and women are to be found using dark heavy make up as well.

Can anybody say Paris Hilton and Clueless? Not to be mistaken with Kogals, the Ganguro has similar fashion statements only with variations in makeup and clothes as they employ a more colorful approach, favoring the use of fake eyelashes and proudly displaying their cell phones adorned with sticker booth photos. Jewelry is liberally worn along with their chosen outfit.

Bosozoku fashion is often depicted to be wearing manual labor jumpsuits, leather jackets or military coats accompanied by bandaged torsos. Alarmingly this trend includes motorcycle and car clubs or gangs whose disregard for authority and road safety is apparent. Some will go about shouting obscenities, waving around spears and swords, even deploying Molotov cocktails in order to harass and dare bystanders to go against them. Suffice to say the Bosozoku trend is the most reckless and damaging; the biker gang persona is the most precise way of depicting its nature and style.

Clothing and accessories in Japan is showcased by the lifestyle found in subcultures.


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