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Indian fashion trends

For the metropolitan kind of Indian woman, a range of pastels for tight fitting blouses are one of the hottest trends to hit this year. Indian fashion trends are a bit experimental since they have a lot to try from their own cultural designs in addition to those coming from the west.

A lot of Indian women are trying to choose from fabrics like chiffons and satin since these are the best kind of textile that gives off the most brilliant colors possible. So if you are a businessman dealing with fashion and retail clothes you might as well try your hands on these latest trends. Though it will not be the first time that satin makes a grand impression on the womenfolk of this Indian country. Women usually try to complete their attires with a lot of pearls and metallic accessories aside from just jewelries. Obviously, textiles as classic as these ones, goes very well in combination with the bright colors of gold and silver.

All in all, the effect is more like that of an elegant movie star as is according to the fashion standard of the Indian culture. You only have to pair it with equally elegant designed shoes to complete the celebrity image.

The younger segment of the Indian population is not afraid to try out the sexy and daring looks by wearing mini-skirts to show off their legs. Just like in their western counterparts though, the mini skirt works best when worn by then younger crowd preferably in their twenties. It doesn’t mean to say however that the older crowd has no right to make use of this fabulous outfit. They only have to be careful to match the skin needed to be shown by the miniskirt to their confidence. The rule of thumb is, if you have it then flaunt it. For sure there is no way that their western counterparts would shy away from using non-traditional dress to show their womanhood.

On the other hand, current and contemporary clothing like pants will have an influence from heavier fabrics like canvas. The trendy cargo pants are also the popular choice among the youth of India. Not only is it trendy but it is also very functional since it can carry a lot of small electronic gadgets so popular nowadays. A lot of people find it very convenient to put in their cell phones and MP3’s into the numerous pockets of cargo pants.


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