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Fashion trends in italy

Milan Italy also dubbed as fashion capital of the world alongside Paris has just announced this season’s trends. The fall Italy collection comprises of grays and vibrant bold colors. The use of textures and metallic finishes, buttons and wide straps adorn coats, bags, shoes etc. The nippy weather has once again brought out sweaters, this time as sweater dresses to be worn over tights, skinny jeans and leggings. If you’re brave then bare legs work just as well with sweater dresses. Fashion shows all over the world showcased various fabulous sweater pieces mostly in neutral grays. Stella Mc Cartney’s collection showed several sweater sets that are versatile and can be mixed and matched as they work for all body types.

Back in business is the MOD look also referred to as Modernism; originating from London circa 1950’s. This fashion statement only took ostentatious flight in the roaring 60’s. It is a combination of pop art, scooters, music, and fashion. Trim cut Italian suits for the men added to the lean sinewy look. The simple black and white mini dresses for the ladies made up the MOD ensemble. Italian fashion also includes French coats adorned with oversized buttons. Thick shoe straps from the 50’s and 60’s are back in fashion. Patent Leather shoes in hues of red and blacks along with belts and bags are back to give the classy finished look. Ankle boots that are often seen being worn by Hollywood’s young starlets including, twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen who have been spotted times wearing fabulous black stiletto ankle boots. These pint sized stars favor ankle boots paired with mini dresses, leggings and tights mainly because it adds more leg mileage.

Metallic hues and molten metal items like shoes, bags and clothes make it seem like the wearer was dipped in hot lava. Gold, silver, bronze, blues, purples, greens and fuchsia colors that stop you in your tracks compliment nearly every person. Bold colors are best used as accent pieces to give your drab wardrobe an immediate zing and bling. Cameron Diaz has a favorite metallic gold bag which she uses to accessorize her otherwise plain workout ensemble.

The hour glass figure is in and thin is on its way out. John Galliano while casting models for fashion week kicked out a handful of waifs whom he believed would slide out of his creation. He opted to choose models with more realistic body types. Since the business has forever been known to carve out the fat and leave the lean he had to at some point use the stick thin models. He however cheated by making sure they got fitted into the cinched waist skits or made sure they wore corset belts that accentuated the waist and hips giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Because of the trend for texture and volume bags are now going with the bunched up, woven, knitted and textured feel. Bags are now being manufactured to artistically display its form and shape rather than details seen on its fabric. Hence monogrammed bags are out unless it’s oozing with texture.


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