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Latest fashion trends

For this year’s top picks, there has been a lot of attention given to classic and interchangeable pieces of clothing. For instance, tall boots that are very popular with kids this year is also equally popular for adults looking for something fashionable and at the same time useful in everyday activities. These can be invariably interchanged with anything from casual denim and classy dress for getting that girly look of the 60’s style.
Black colored boots can be great when paired into almost anything as long as the colors are not too in contrast with each other. On the other hand, people who tend to wear a lot of denim pants whether designer or not would do as well when they pair their neutral colored boots into the hard fabrics of denim clothing.

On the far side, anyone with a pair of layered pearls with luminescent quality can pair it up with a great black satin dress to have that cocktail party look. This one is flexible too in getting that classy look you might want to have when you are out entertaining your friends or your business associates into a corporate party. Pearls of great quality complements any formal wear you have by lending them their touch of elegance. Even without any other accessories to highlight your face, luminescent pearls are more than capable of doing the job for you highlighting needs. The simple elegance of the pearls alone gives focus to the face of the wearer that’s why it is also advisable not wear other distracting accessories. Having simple and light make-up would do the trick of getting that focus on your pretty face.

Also, even traditional men’s wear pants are also the hottest fads for this year. Those pants with chalk stripes and hounds tooth checks are the favorites for this year fashion staple. It looks very well for women if worn with a big striped scarf and other fashion accessory. Somehow, the masculine effect that this outfit is intended for gives off a very sexy quality for the females that don this kind of attire. It is very interesting to look at the fashion combination you can possibly make from this versatile classic piece of clothing.
The menswear print pants are also the best for combinations in party and for those who are just looking for fashionable attire when they want to go out. Combinations of these with other great classic clothing wear can give you almost unlimited wardrobe selection.


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Indian fashion trends

For the metropolitan kind of Indian woman, a range of pastels for tight fitting blouses are one of the hottest trends to hit this year. Indian fashion trends are a bit experimental since they have a lot to try from their own cultural designs in addition to those coming from the west.

A lot of Indian women are trying to choose from fabrics like chiffons and satin since these are the best kind of textile that gives off the most brilliant colors possible. So if you are a businessman dealing with fashion and retail clothes you might as well try your hands on these latest trends. Though it will not be the first time that satin makes a grand impression on the womenfolk of this Indian country. Women usually try to complete their attires with a lot of pearls and metallic accessories aside from just jewelries. Obviously, textiles as classic as these ones, goes very well in combination with the bright colors of gold and silver.

All in all, the effect is more like that of an elegant movie star as is according to the fashion standard of the Indian culture. You only have to pair it with equally elegant designed shoes to complete the celebrity image.

The younger segment of the Indian population is not afraid to try out the sexy and daring looks by wearing mini-skirts to show off their legs. Just like in their western counterparts though, the mini skirt works best when worn by then younger crowd preferably in their twenties. It doesn’t mean to say however that the older crowd has no right to make use of this fabulous outfit. They only have to be careful to match the skin needed to be shown by the miniskirt to their confidence. The rule of thumb is, if you have it then flaunt it. For sure there is no way that their western counterparts would shy away from using non-traditional dress to show their womanhood.

On the other hand, current and contemporary clothing like pants will have an influence from heavier fabrics like canvas. The trendy cargo pants are also the popular choice among the youth of India. Not only is it trendy but it is also very functional since it can carry a lot of small electronic gadgets so popular nowadays. A lot of people find it very convenient to put in their cell phones and MP3’s into the numerous pockets of cargo pants.


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Fashion trends in italy

Milan Italy also dubbed as fashion capital of the world alongside Paris has just announced this season’s trends. The fall Italy collection comprises of grays and vibrant bold colors. The use of textures and metallic finishes, buttons and wide straps adorn coats, bags, shoes etc. The nippy weather has once again brought out sweaters, this time as sweater dresses to be worn over tights, skinny jeans and leggings. If you’re brave then bare legs work just as well with sweater dresses. Fashion shows all over the world showcased various fabulous sweater pieces mostly in neutral grays. Stella Mc Cartney’s collection showed several sweater sets that are versatile and can be mixed and matched as they work for all body types.

Back in business is the MOD look also referred to as Modernism; originating from London circa 1950’s. This fashion statement only took ostentatious flight in the roaring 60’s. It is a combination of pop art, scooters, music, and fashion. Trim cut Italian suits for the men added to the lean sinewy look. The simple black and white mini dresses for the ladies made up the MOD ensemble. Italian fashion also includes French coats adorned with oversized buttons. Thick shoe straps from the 50’s and 60’s are back in fashion. Patent Leather shoes in hues of red and blacks along with belts and bags are back to give the classy finished look. Ankle boots that are often seen being worn by Hollywood’s young starlets including, twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen who have been spotted times wearing fabulous black stiletto ankle boots. These pint sized stars favor ankle boots paired with mini dresses, leggings and tights mainly because it adds more leg mileage.

Metallic hues and molten metal items like shoes, bags and clothes make it seem like the wearer was dipped in hot lava. Gold, silver, bronze, blues, purples, greens and fuchsia colors that stop you in your tracks compliment nearly every person. Bold colors are best used as accent pieces to give your drab wardrobe an immediate zing and bling. Cameron Diaz has a favorite metallic gold bag which she uses to accessorize her otherwise plain workout ensemble.

The hour glass figure is in and thin is on its way out. John Galliano while casting models for fashion week kicked out a handful of waifs whom he believed would slide out of his creation. He opted to choose models with more realistic body types. Since the business has forever been known to carve out the fat and leave the lean he had to at some point use the stick thin models. He however cheated by making sure they got fitted into the cinched waist skits or made sure they wore corset belts that accentuated the waist and hips giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Because of the trend for texture and volume bags are now going with the bunched up, woven, knitted and textured feel. Bags are now being manufactured to artistically display its form and shape rather than details seen on its fabric. Hence monogrammed bags are out unless it’s oozing with texture.


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Japanese fashion and trends

Tokyo is the epicenter of Japanese fashion; Shibuya, Akihabara, Shinjuku and Roppongi are some of the districts known for fashion conscious teens and tweens. Japanese street fashion to the unfamiliar, often look like couture. Japanese fashion and trends is associated to the ever growing number of subcultures.

The Kogal is a subculture whose fashion trend is a display of their disposable incomes; this is done through their taste and choice of clothes, music preferences and other forms present in a social circle. Kogals mimic the look of California valley girls. Artificial tans, contact lenses, bleached hair that is often blonde or brown and obvious amounts of make up piled onto their faces is the initial Kogal look. For students, uniforms are pinned higher to achieve the mini skirt, cardigans and sweater vests accompanied by leg warmers are the focal point of this trend. Often times Kogals are thought of as prostitutes because of their insatiable need for material goods. Designer labels like Louie Vuitton and Burberry are staples along with the latest mobile phone. Cruel Intentions meets Bring It On meets Mean Girls, get the picture?

Lolita is the most popular of subculture trend; nearly everybody will link the term to the Japanese. I’m sure Emily Strange comes to mind upon the mere mention of Goth. There are three types of Lolita’s: Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita and Punk Lolita. GothLoli’s adapt the Edwardian look, dark colors with frills and full skirts. Accessories like brooches, bonnets and parasols are added. SweetLoli’s go for the baby doll clothes, in colors of pink, blues and whites. Aprons, collars, bows and stuffed animals are part of the ensemble. Punk Lolita’s use a lot of plaid with the addition of chains, wristbands, lace and pearls in their whole outfit.

Elegant Goth Aristocrats on the other hand focus on simple tailored, identical clothing, tight pants, long skirts typically in black are meant to express the androgynous look. Additionally both men and women are to be found using dark heavy make up as well.

Can anybody say Paris Hilton and Clueless? Not to be mistaken with Kogals, the Ganguro has similar fashion statements only with variations in makeup and clothes as they employ a more colorful approach, favoring the use of fake eyelashes and proudly displaying their cell phones adorned with sticker booth photos. Jewelry is liberally worn along with their chosen outfit.

Bosozoku fashion is often depicted to be wearing manual labor jumpsuits, leather jackets or military coats accompanied by bandaged torsos. Alarmingly this trend includes motorcycle and car clubs or gangs whose disregard for authority and road safety is apparent. Some will go about shouting obscenities, waving around spears and swords, even deploying Molotov cocktails in order to harass and dare bystanders to go against them. Suffice to say the Bosozoku trend is the most reckless and damaging; the biker gang persona is the most precise way of depicting its nature and style.

Clothing and accessories in Japan is showcased by the lifestyle found in subcultures.


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Walk winter teenage

If you are a teenager trying to figure out what is the best type of outfit for you this winter them you can try using a variation of plaid designs and their different fabrics. . You can choose anywhere from satin to velvet materials and those with a mixed type of fabric showing metallic colors. Sashes with neutral colors can come in perfectly if matched up with other pieces of clothing that are very bright in color. It is the same when you are using accessories to highlight some part of your fashion get-up

If you want to add plenty of details to an otherwise boring outfit then you can try mixing them all up for that winter outlook. A simple touch of bright colors from these cute add-ons are a sure way to twist any kind of outfit that you usually wear. Even denim jeans were not even spared from designer touches. The popular option these days are those that come in detailed patches or with sequined ornaments. Other clothing that also comes with embroidered designs on their sides or in their hip area. Girls can have their fill of very cute outfits in everyday jeans. Warm wools with little bright spots at their sides stand out from the crowd because of their ornate designs and details.

You can certainly try walking in the middle of the winter with these formidable fashion combinations. You have to keep in mind that even popular choices can sometimes go awry if you don’t take into account your teenager’s body build. Lean and long body frames would do well to have a bit of bulky clothing in them to hide otherwise unhealthy outlook that can destroy their fashion projection. For those on the bulky side though, you can walk through winter with confidence if you go for those clothing with stripes that are vertical. The effect of these stripes is to make you look like taller than you really are.
You can also break the monotony of long plaid sweaters if you use a fashionable belt that goes well with neutral colors you are wearing. Even if the colors you are wearing for your upper body are bright, you can simply switch to a subdued color of a belt as the perfect accessory to add to the look. Also, you can always add a touch of color here and there by making use of colorful bonnets and a few pieces of bright metallic jewelry.


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Madonna fashion trends

Madonna has lived in the limelight for over a decade. She succeeded in adapting to her constantly changing environment and even succeeding in making her environment adapt to her. Back in the 80’s, Madonna first came out, clothed in leather and accessorized with bows, lace, fishnet stocking and religious effigies draped her neck. The virginal rebel was an instant hit, with platinum locks, a beauty mark and a vocal range what was not to like? Her fashion sense was a slew of edgy plus girly an effective eye catcher.

Madonna was like the seasons, her music and changed to fit her lifestyle more than needing to fit into other people’s lifestyles. She was a hit because she brought fashion onto the stage, she created different looks that was copied again and again. Perhaps her cone shaped bra wasn’t street vogue but every performer had without a doubt copied the dominatrix fashion. Her island look in La Isla Bonita has graced dozens of magazine fashion spreads. Material Girl was not only top of the music list but was additional advertising for jewelers like Tiffany & Co.

During her portrayal in the movie Argentina, she was dressed in tailored dark suits favored by Evita Peron. The wardrobe gave way to many hit songs that spawned from the lifestyle that was Evita and Argentina. In the 1990’s when most of the music was centered towards rock and grunge groups, Madonna still permeated the airwaves and the fashion world. Designers here and there clamored to have the honor of dressing her up during the Awards Nights and various functions that would definitely keep her in the spotlight for more than your average 15 minutes of fame. Her mere existence has brought about many young stars who have in a lot of ways mimicked and idolized her. Britney, Christina, Linsay, Ashley, even males like Justin and Kanye find Madonna to be an inspiration because of her chameleon ways.

In the late 90’s Madonna did not only change husbands but her fashion choices as well as her religious beliefs took a turn as well. Marrying British director Madonna also decided to join Kabalah which mainly holds Buddhist beliefs. Madonna has then been able to work with various people from nearly every genre. Collaborations with Massive Attack, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake are a few to be mentioned. Most would say that the person that is Madonna is timeless; her ability to change has kept her still within the limelight. She has tried her hand in music, movie production, fitness, child rearing and even book author. Her books The English Roses have sold millions of copies world wide and so have her other stories. After years of being clothed by other designer labels, Madonna has finally at this point decided to make herself into a clothing label. Simply labeled “M”, Madonna’s clothes are not couture they are everyday clothes for working women and party girls. The fashion line is simple, comfortable, stylish and best of all affordable.


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