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Classic rock

Originally, classic rock was actually conceived as a format that was used for radio station programming which was considered to have evolved from the album oriented rock types of format which took place in the nineteen eighties. When it comes to the United States, this particular type of rock music format is now able to feature a rather large but also limited playlist that consists of songs that are coming from the nineteen sixties up until the nineteen eighties and there is also a type of emphasis on the hits that were made earlier by different artists that were associated with the classic rock era that was loosely defined.
The actual origin of what was known as the classic rock radio format can actually be traced all the way back to the Beatles when they can out with what was known as their groundbreaking album and this placed a change on several different courses when it comes to the rock and roll format forever. This was especially true when it came to the rise in FM broadcasting, despite the fact that many of the people were still listening to what was known as the AM radio. Based on the fact that Sgt. Pepper wasn’t able to sin any singles the radio stations took it upon their own to play certain tracks from the album so that they could attempt to retain the listeners. This in turn is what created progressive rock back in the nineteen sixties and seventies. It was known that the format was to be associated with some elements from freeform radio in which the disc jockeys actually were the ones that controlled what you played. In the middle toward the ends of the nineteen seventies there was an outbreak in what was known as album orientated rock often referred to as album rock. This particular type of format was known to relate strictly to the albums that were able to cut well as well as on the playlists that were more structured.
Even though the album rock was a hit back in the nineteen seventies to the early nineteen eighties, the album rock was able to evolve into classic rock by the end of the nineteen eighties because of the fact that there were albums that were then supplanted by what was known as the compact discs and then as a result the radio stations stopped keeping or maintaining the musical trends that were developing.


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