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Adult pajama party games

There are several adult pajama party games for you to choose from when you are considering hosting a pajama party. You have spin the bottle, strip poker, truth or dare and of course drinking games. There are several varieties of games to choose from no matter what your ideas of a good time are. You can go for the traditional board games for adult pajama party games or you can go for something like the beer race, depth charge, buzz fuzz, or twenty questions.

When you are choosing adult pajama party games you should head online as your major resource. Online you will find plenty of different games such as apple bobbing, banana feeding, bread winners, dress a lady, the blindfold game where you try and figure out who is in front of you, and the alcohol o meter. You can also find plenty of games for the party theme you have chosen.

Most often an adult pajama party is going to have some type of theme whether it is someone’s birthday, or someone got a promotion at work. You will want to let all guests know what the activities at the adult pajama party are going to be and just what they may need to bring. The Great Dalmuti is a great drinking game to play or just a card game you may enjoy. The premise is the person who has the Great Dalmuti card at the end of the each game is going to be the person in charge of the vassals and surfs. So you want to be head person of the game to have a little fun at least once, especially if you are playing it as a drinking game.

Adult pajama party games don’t have to involve drinking or racy games. They can simply be trivia games, poker, card games, or other board games that you enjoy playing. Even Uno makes a great adult pajama party game when you are looking at playing couples against couples. You will find the best ideas are going to be found on the internet or in a game shop. Some adults love to play computer games or even their game consoles so you may enjoy having a few of those set up around the room. The point is no matter what types of games you choose you will always be able to find adult pajama party games for your festivities.



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