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Top 100 baby names

It is learned that baby names are one of the most searched topics on the internet. We all know that everyday hundreds of babies are born and the population is always increasing. There is always a need to name the babies which are being born. This practice has been followed since the human was created. Even if we take a look at the evolution theory it tells us that the early of our ancestors who used to be chimps, used to have names for each other. Therefore we get to know that baby name is one of the most important topics for an individual. Naming your baby is never an easy task. This is probably due to the fact that you can only name once. Once you have named your baby then you will not be able to change it until and unless any serious situation arises. You will not be able to change the name of your baby every year. Once you have chosen a name for your baby, it is registered in the national records and your baby gets the name permanently. Usually people are having extreme problems in finding solution to this problem. Many people see this as a very hectic and a very technical topic. They say that they do not have the right knowledge and that they have to read a lot of books before they can finally choose a name. This was solved with the advent of internet. Internet is regarded as the biggest library in world. This is a library which is available to every single person on earth. Every one can have access to this library.

There are few names which are widely used for naming the babies. These names become quite common and somewhat popular among the people and most of the people name their babies accordingly. There is a list of top 100 baby names available on the internet. You can look through this list and find a name for your baby. Few of the names from this list include;
* Michael (this name is used for males. It is meant “who is like god”. It is the most popular one )
* Nicholas (this is also used for males in the English language. It means “the peoples victor”)
* Emily (this is used for the females. Its literal meanings are “ambitious or hard)
* Jessica (this is also used for the females)

You can simple find the list of top 100 baby names by searching o the internet.


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