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Baby name meanings

All around the world you will find many different baby names, but what do all these baby names mean? You know that even your name has a meaning to it; do you know what that meaning is? If you are like many people you just look at your name as a name without even knowing the real meaning of it. Onomastics is the study of names; these are the individuals that know nearly the meaning of all the various names. If you are interested in names and their meanings then maybe onomastics is a field for you to go into.

What’s In A Name?
Have you ever seen the part of Romeo and Juliet where Juliet is standing on the balcony and she says, “What’s in a name.” So what really is in a name? Would a name smell any sweeter if it were another? Many people believe that names are what make the Childs personality. When parents are looking for a name they normally purchase a baby name book that reads all types of different names and origins. Are you curious and wonder what your name really means? If you are, you have come to the right place.

Names Have Many Meanings.
When you are looking online you will see that there are a ton of names, do you know that each one of these names actually mean something? Names can mean something like love, darkness or flower. Also, names not only mean something in English but also in Celtic, Japanese, Indian, etc. Every origin has different names. When it comes to names and their meanings in some countries, you may know that when you are talking about a masculine name it could mean something different when it comes to a feminine name.

French Names.
So here we are, talking about French, the language of love. You know there must be some good baby names in French that have some very romantic meanings to them. As you may already know, hyphened names are very popular when it comes to French names. In French many masculine names can be made feminine by adding an E at the end.

There are so many different baby names that have a lot of meaning to them, it is your choice to decide what you want to name your baby. It is always a good idea to make sure you know the true meaning of your baby’s name before deciding on it.


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