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Baby middle name

Throughout the world there are tons of middle names, but did you know that middle names are actually fairly new to the United States? Can you believe in the United States before the late 1700’s middle names were not heard of? Have you ever heard the middle names of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson? That is because they do not have a middle name.

Who Introduced Middle Names To The United States?
Middle names can be passed on from your father or mother. Maybe your father or mother made you a whole new middle name. But how exactly did the United States start using middle names? The fact of the matter is that it wasn’t until the 19th century that middle names became custom in the United States, in fact, it was the German immigrants that first brought the attention to middle names. Middle names were not introduced to the Untied States until after the revolutionary war. The tradition back then was to use the mothers maiden name as the middle name, when you are looking up your family roots, this may be good advice, but you should keep in mind that this may not always be true.

What Should You Use For A Baby Middle Name?
If you are sticking to the custom use of middle names you will be using your first name for your baby, but who’s to say a baby can’t have two middle names? If there is a middle name you want but you also want to give him or her your or your spouses middle name then you can use both. In this day and age it is not uncommon to find a baby that has two or even three baby names. When you choose your babies middle name just make sure it actually goes together and sounds right.

Reasons Why Your Baby Should Have A Middle Name.
If you think about it all a middle name is a name that joins the first and last name together. It is also yet another reason for parents to stay up at night (after they have chosen the first name.) If you have not chosen a middle name for your baby and someone asks if you have a middle name in which you reply no, they will say it is a shame or why not. Middle names, believe it or not, can come in handy for security reasons such as credit cards, form fillings, and passports. You may know that if your child has a middle name he or she will be distinguished from the other children that share the same first and last name as your baby.

With a middle name you have the chance to make your baby’s name even better. You will be adding more personality and look on the bright side, if your child became a famous, two initials in front of that last name would look better.


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