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African american baby names

Names influence a lot on the life of any person. Whether you are the mother or father of a new baby, a member of the family or a close friend you are playing an important role in choosing a good name for baby. Girl Baby Names have origins in many languages including French, Latin, English and African. Many have the popular prefix of ‘La’ or ‘Le’ (Latoya, Lashawn, Latrice etc) and also ‘Da’ and ‘De’ (Denelle, Danisha etc). Those like Tanisha originate in Africa from the word Hausa meaning the name of a day indicating birth on a Monday. Boy Baby Names also have origins in many languages including French, Latin, English and various languages in Africa. Many have connections to Greek and Classical literature, the bible or reflect noble positions such as Earl or Earle. There are also those with the prefix of ‘La’ as is Lamarr or DaJon. There is also a trend to make unusual use of hyphens, capital letters and apostrophes such as D’marreio or D’Sean and Le-Vaughn.

Society is much less formal than it used to be. We use First names more often than surnames now and these have become increasingly important in terms of a person’s identity. Unusual spellings are becoming totally acceptable in our society. The emergence of the Internet and Mobile phones has lead to the creation and total acceptance of new spellings which have given us a whole new modern dictionary. Modern Afro-American names are the leaders in adopting such changes in names. Like many of our immigrant ancestors, surnames which originated in Africa were changed to Western ones. Those given were often biblical ones (conversion to Christianity was of major importance) or classical types such as Plato and Homer (these were given to illustrate classical knowledge). Research indicates, however, that slave owners did not often give slave children their first names. But in today’s world lots of thing has been changed. Naming babies should be in such a way that when they grow up they remember their ancestors. May be in very small part of this world people hesitate to use their ancestral names for there babies if they got a slavery background. In today’s world every name of every baby is good. But the difference in the spelling, pronunciation or even the whole name helps us to recognize the nationality of a person. These days in African-American rather getting influenced by any other culture people are using their own unique names for there babies to differ themselves from other nations. Afro-American names are not even unique to any outsider but also to the names of other Afro-Americans.


November 7, 2007 - Posted by | Baby Names, Blogroll

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