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Wild pajama party

Are you ready for a wild pajama party? There are all sorts of ideas and themes you can choose for a wild pajama party. Most wild pajama parties are going to be for the adults as the best times are often filled with the alcoholic drinks and crazy games. So if you are hosting a mixed wild pajama party or just a girl pajama party you will want to make sure you have all the items you need for a success.

First item on the list plenty of alcohol or caffeinated beverages. You want to make sure you will be hyper and ready to have fun at this wild pajama party. Some drink ideas include cosmopolitans, daiquiris, fuzzy navels, and wine. You can have the drinks be linked to your overall wild pajama party theme if you like; especially for the holiday seasons.

If it is an all girl wild pajama party you may want a theme like a lingerie party. This type of party offers a person that sells different varieties of lingerie in a home setting. The girls get to find the perfect lingerie to complete their sets, so make sure you bring your wallet. As I have heard these parties can get really wild with women trying on the lingerie right in the staging area rather than care about their modesty; where plenty of drinking and food surrounds them for the fun and critiques.

For a mixed wild pajama party you may want to have games like spin the bottle or strip poker. Of course you want to make sure you have a group of friends that really know each other for these games so modesty isn’t an issue. You may also want to pit the girls against the guys for other card games if it involves a little stripping.

Next in line for a wild pajama party item is the adult movies. These can simply be R rated movies you don’t get to watch at home with the kids around or something a little racier. It will of course depend on the crowd and just how wild your pajama party should get. Music is of course a prerequisite for any wild pajama party. You want to make sure you have the best stereo system setup with plenty of different genres of music to choose from. Not wild pajama party will be complete without the music.


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