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Pajama party preschool ideas

When you are having a pajama party for preschoolers you will have to pay specific attention to the games, activities, and other ideas you choose. First when you are considering pajama party preschool ideas you will want to have a specific theme for the party. This means you will want to choose something they will be familiar with and something they love to watch on TV or read. Pajama party preschool ideas may even be a holiday theme depending on the time of year. You have Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Fall, Spring, Summer, Zoo, and other ideas you can choose from. You may also choose from Veggie Tales, Scooby Doo, Blues Clues and other popular shows.

Once you have the theme for the party you can pick appropriate activities to do with the theme. Children love a mystery and even preschool age children can follow the trails if the clues are simple enough. You can have a scavenger hunt where the kids are broken into two groups. The clues can be visual clues rather than words or both to help them learn. The two teams can have a designated adult to ask questions of just in case the clue is a little too hard.

Other great ideas for pajama party preschool ideas include bed buddy chariot races, pillowcase hop, beddy time relay, sleepy time sweets, and a fashion show. The bed buddy chariot race needs to have plenty of room. You may want an empty bedroom or to move the living room furniture completely out of the way for this little activity. You will have the teddy bear or favorite stuffed animal as the bed buddy. The bed buddy must stay on the sleeping bag in order to win. If the bed buddy falls off the child must stop and replace their buddy before continuing. The child to reach the finish line first will be the winner. The pillowcase hop is like the potato sack races so you may want to have plenty of room or move outside in the back yard for this little race. The beddy time relay race lets the first person in the team put on a robe, slippers, and teddy bear and lie down on the sleeping bag. They have to then leave these items behind for the next child to pick up. With plenty of choices in pajama party preschool ideas you will not lack for a great time with your children and guests.


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  1. good ideas. I am going to try some of these games for our p.j. day this year. Thanks

    Comment by karen behrens | December 19, 2008 | Reply

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