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Blue’s pajama party

Have you been searching for a theme for your pajama party? There are several themes out there for you to choose from and one of the most interesting is going to be the Blue’s pajama party. I am not talking about the kid’s version of Blues Clues, but the actual music. A Blue’s pajama party is all about the music of the blues and jazz. To host a Blue’s pajama party you will need a few items in the house.

Starting off you will need to have as much Blue’s and Jazz music that you can get your hands on. This can be your favorite bands as well as your guests’ favorite bands. What you really want to do in the case of a Blue’s pajama party is ask your guests to come with their Blue’s cd’s. This way all guests will get to hear the music they like, dance all night, and have plenty of fun. You will also want to make sure that anyone who loves to play an instrument such as a trumpet or saxophone brings it along to entertain the party guests.

For entertainment you may have board games, video games, card games, and movies. One of the most important movies to have at a Blue’s pajama party is going to be the Blue’s Brothers. This is a movie you just can’t leave at the store when you host a Blue’s pajama party. After all it is the quintessential Blue’s movie. Plus it is a great comedy for any party.

To keep the whole Blue’s pajama party theme alive you will also want to have New Orleans decorations around the home and food. In New Orleans there are several popular Cajun dishes that you can choose from including Jambalaya. Be wary some of this food can be quite spicy so the appropriate beverages should be supplied!

If you wish to keep with the whole Blue’s pajama party theme with the drinks you should research some of the most popular alcoholic drinks in New Orleans as well as make a Blue drink. You can have Blue Hawaiians, cosmopolitans, and other drinks that will take a blue type of liquor. The Blue’s pajama party is just one of the many themes you have to choose from and one of the best. The pajama’s can be styled in the Blue’s Brothers fashion with the suit look, dark shades, and hats. You can also have just a blue pair of pajamas for the color theme. The guests will have endless possibilities for fun.


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