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Blue’s pajama party

Have you been searching for a theme for your pajama party? There are several themes out there for you to choose from and one of the most interesting is going to be the Blue’s pajama party. I am not talking about the kid’s version of Blues Clues, but the actual music. A Blue’s pajama party is all about the music of the blues and jazz. To host a Blue’s pajama party you will need a few items in the house.

Starting off you will need to have as much Blue’s and Jazz music that you can get your hands on. This can be your favorite bands as well as your guests’ favorite bands. What you really want to do in the case of a Blue’s pajama party is ask your guests to come with their Blue’s cd’s. This way all guests will get to hear the music they like, dance all night, and have plenty of fun. You will also want to make sure that anyone who loves to play an instrument such as a trumpet or saxophone brings it along to entertain the party guests.

For entertainment you may have board games, video games, card games, and movies. One of the most important movies to have at a Blue’s pajama party is going to be the Blue’s Brothers. This is a movie you just can’t leave at the store when you host a Blue’s pajama party. After all it is the quintessential Blue’s movie. Plus it is a great comedy for any party.

To keep the whole Blue’s pajama party theme alive you will also want to have New Orleans decorations around the home and food. In New Orleans there are several popular Cajun dishes that you can choose from including Jambalaya. Be wary some of this food can be quite spicy so the appropriate beverages should be supplied!

If you wish to keep with the whole Blue’s pajama party theme with the drinks you should research some of the most popular alcoholic drinks in New Orleans as well as make a Blue drink. You can have Blue Hawaiians, cosmopolitans, and other drinks that will take a blue type of liquor. The Blue’s pajama party is just one of the many themes you have to choose from and one of the best. The pajama’s can be styled in the Blue’s Brothers fashion with the suit look, dark shades, and hats. You can also have just a blue pair of pajamas for the color theme. The guests will have endless possibilities for fun.


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Pajama party preschool ideas

When you are having a pajama party for preschoolers you will have to pay specific attention to the games, activities, and other ideas you choose. First when you are considering pajama party preschool ideas you will want to have a specific theme for the party. This means you will want to choose something they will be familiar with and something they love to watch on TV or read. Pajama party preschool ideas may even be a holiday theme depending on the time of year. You have Columbus Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Fall, Spring, Summer, Zoo, and other ideas you can choose from. You may also choose from Veggie Tales, Scooby Doo, Blues Clues and other popular shows.

Once you have the theme for the party you can pick appropriate activities to do with the theme. Children love a mystery and even preschool age children can follow the trails if the clues are simple enough. You can have a scavenger hunt where the kids are broken into two groups. The clues can be visual clues rather than words or both to help them learn. The two teams can have a designated adult to ask questions of just in case the clue is a little too hard.

Other great ideas for pajama party preschool ideas include bed buddy chariot races, pillowcase hop, beddy time relay, sleepy time sweets, and a fashion show. The bed buddy chariot race needs to have plenty of room. You may want an empty bedroom or to move the living room furniture completely out of the way for this little activity. You will have the teddy bear or favorite stuffed animal as the bed buddy. The bed buddy must stay on the sleeping bag in order to win. If the bed buddy falls off the child must stop and replace their buddy before continuing. The child to reach the finish line first will be the winner. The pillowcase hop is like the potato sack races so you may want to have plenty of room or move outside in the back yard for this little race. The beddy time relay race lets the first person in the team put on a robe, slippers, and teddy bear and lie down on the sleeping bag. They have to then leave these items behind for the next child to pick up. With plenty of choices in pajama party preschool ideas you will not lack for a great time with your children and guests.


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Pajama party book

Are you planning a pajama party for your child or maybe just for your friends? If you are planning a pajama party you probably have tons of questions on decorations, movies, games, and themes that you can choose from for the ultimate party. When you are struggling with deciding what to do for the pajama party or if you need a fresh idea you will want to have a pajama party book. A pajama party book is going to give you ideas on food, themes, movies, games, and other aspects of a pajama party that you will need to think about.

You can find a pajama party book online or at any specialty bookstore. The stores online are going to have a wide selection based on age group and of course recent publications for the idea of a pajama party book. You may even find that you have enough information to write your own pajama party book and have it sold. Whether you are using it to garner information or just writing your own you have plenty of ideas that need to be included in the book.

A great pajama party book is going to help you figure out the theme of the party first. The pajama party book is going to offer you several themes that have lasted over the changes in time from princess ideas, car themes, movie themes, lingerie themes, and more. The pajama party book will tell you the decorations you will need for the theme, possibly how to make some of these decorations in the craft section. You will also find food suggestions for the theme and recipes in a pajama party book. The theme is going to be the deciding factor for what you have at the party.

The other information in the pajama party book is just going to be suggestions of what you could do. Keep in mind that you can always have your own food and drink ideas. You can also choose the type of cake you may have based on the theme or based on what the attendees may like most. Ideas for games will also be found in the pajama party book. You will be able to determine what is age appropriate for games as well as find games that will work for preschool age children if you have drawn a blank in that area. The pajama party book is your gateway to a successful party.


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Pajama party ideas of adult women

There are many ideas around for adult women pajama parties. You may have to look on the wild side or just offer a place to crash while you have a little fun. We all like to head out on the town occasionally to see a new movie or go to a club. With pajama party ideas of adult women you will find that there are several party ideas you can hold right out of your home. The pajama party ideas of adult women will allow you to have safe fun the entire night. It is kind of like a bonding ritual as well. For some pajama party ideas of adult women you will find lingerie parties, makeovers, manicures, recipe parties, progressive parties and much more.

First of all the newest hit is a lingerie party. All women are open to having some type of party where they get to try on lingerie for a night and have lots of food and drinks. If you are looking for an addition to this idea you just have to make it a pajama party where at the end of the night the women don pajamas and sit around having even more fun.

Makeover or manicure parties are something that has always gone over well for pajama party ideas of adult women. Everyone loves to get together for some makeup tips and just plain old fun. You don’t have to head to a hairdresser or beauty shop at this event. Some times they are extremely serious and sometimes its bad makeovers for fun. The idea is to just have as much fun as you can at this type of party.

When you have a recipe pajama party you are asking each woman to bring a favorite dish. You may decide to have it a theme with a certain type of food or you may just ask for their best recipe. At the pajama party you will be able to swap recipes as well as eat a lot of great food. This works great if you have new women to the circle and you want to get to know each other better.

For our final pajama party ideas of adult women we have the progressive pajama party. This idea is based on the progressive dinner party where you start out at the first persons house and end up at someone else’s house at the end of the night. In this case you are going to crash at the last house with your sleeping bags, pajamas and fun.


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Wild pajama party

Are you ready for a wild pajama party? There are all sorts of ideas and themes you can choose for a wild pajama party. Most wild pajama parties are going to be for the adults as the best times are often filled with the alcoholic drinks and crazy games. So if you are hosting a mixed wild pajama party or just a girl pajama party you will want to make sure you have all the items you need for a success.

First item on the list plenty of alcohol or caffeinated beverages. You want to make sure you will be hyper and ready to have fun at this wild pajama party. Some drink ideas include cosmopolitans, daiquiris, fuzzy navels, and wine. You can have the drinks be linked to your overall wild pajama party theme if you like; especially for the holiday seasons.

If it is an all girl wild pajama party you may want a theme like a lingerie party. This type of party offers a person that sells different varieties of lingerie in a home setting. The girls get to find the perfect lingerie to complete their sets, so make sure you bring your wallet. As I have heard these parties can get really wild with women trying on the lingerie right in the staging area rather than care about their modesty; where plenty of drinking and food surrounds them for the fun and critiques.

For a mixed wild pajama party you may want to have games like spin the bottle or strip poker. Of course you want to make sure you have a group of friends that really know each other for these games so modesty isn’t an issue. You may also want to pit the girls against the guys for other card games if it involves a little stripping.

Next in line for a wild pajama party item is the adult movies. These can simply be R rated movies you don’t get to watch at home with the kids around or something a little racier. It will of course depend on the crowd and just how wild your pajama party should get. Music is of course a prerequisite for any wild pajama party. You want to make sure you have the best stereo system setup with plenty of different genres of music to choose from. Not wild pajama party will be complete without the music.


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Pajama party music

Are you hosting a pajama party, but you aren’t sure of the type of music you want to have? Maybe the pajama party is for your children? There are several types of music you can choose for a pajama party. How you will decide the pajama party music should be based on the theme of the party as well as the hit music teenagers or children are listening to at the moment. You can always ask your guests to bring their own music to help bring what will really work for everyone.

When you consider pajama party music it should always have an up beat style. You don’t want something that will cause depression or sadness because of the topic during a party so something that is going to be worthy of dancing is going to be the best. For a country western theme you will definitely need some of the hit country music throughout the generations from bluegrass, old style country music to the hits of now. For a children’s birthday party things like Hannah Montana, Cheetah Girls, Hilary Duff, and others will be the best choice for pajama party music.

A theme with the 50’s or other decade will require period music. Today we have many options with pajama party music when we concentrate on the theme. You will find that satellite TV offers plenty of channels to choose from or you can just download the music you will have from creditable online sources. Of course there are still your music collection and the guests’ music collection as well.

Part of selecting pajama party music is going to be the system you are running it on. The best choice for pajama party music is going to need a surround sound system or a television system that will allow all rooms to hear the music for the party. You want to make sure that everyone will get a chance to hear the music no matter what they are doing. In the game room you may have a different choice that what is happening in the living area or garage. The point is for pajama party music it not only has to be available, but available in all areas of the party premises. For children you will find that one room may suffice, but for adults or college age students you will find that a revolving party is usually the best to cut down on the boredom.


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