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Afl footy show

Football is one of the oldest and the most known game all over the world. There are a lot of countries where football is played with great enthusiasm. Many countries have the love for football. It is regarded as one of the oldest game to ever exist on earth. This is similar too soccer but is quite different from it as well. This might be a confusing statement that you have ever herd. Football is not like soccer in many senses. Soccer is today the most popular and the most liked game. It is played all over the world. There are countries which have political and economical crisis but they still have good soccer player. Soccer is the most expensive game. This is the game that every one wants to get in but only the best one can. But football is also no less popular then the soccer. Though it is not as popular as the soccer but it is still one of the most popular games in the world today and in the history. It is one of the few oldest games which are still being played in the world. it is believed that it was derived from a Chinese game. But Australian football itself is known to exist from the 15 century. The most unique thing about this game is that it is called football yet is it played with the help of hands. Another unique and a very famous thing about this game is that it is played with the help of an oval ball. Any other game I world which is played by a ball requires a round shaped ball except the rugby or the Australian football. This is the only game which is played with the help of an oval shaped ball. The ball is to be passed to your team mate by hand.

Australian football league is a very famous league in the world. The organization “Australian rules football” now includes a lot of countries. In start it was restricted to few countries only but now it has been extended to a lot of countries. The advertising and publicity of the football for AFL is ads important as its players. Since it is the most popular game in country therefore the television has to be used to as a reliable medium. The AFL footy show is one of the first and the best program dedicated to the AFL. It was started in 1993. it was launched a day before the 1993 grand final and after that it was not until 1994 that AFL footy show was started as a regular show. It includes discussions on various topics regarding AFL.


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Afl aboriginal players

We all know about Australia but most of us are not familiar with the history of Australia. To most of us it is known that Australia is a land of the white people since start and it has been there for centuries like this. In reality the white people are not the first one to have lived on this smallest continent of the world. The first people to come and settle in the Australia were the aborigines. These were the people who came from the different islands near Australia and settled down here. In simple English aborigines is meant “first or earliest known indigenous”. It was used for these people because they were the first to come and settle in Australia. Most of them came from the Tasmanian islands as long as 70,000 years ago. They are often called black by the non indigenous Australians. This is more like the racial remarks and it is not regarded as a very good sentence to be used for them they have been equally participating in every course of life in Australia. They are given the same education as the non-indigenous Australians and they are also hired on for the government jobs. Many of the aborigines still live in the remote areas of Australia. This is due to their association with the earlier settlements of their ancestors. There is a trend among the aborigines that most of them leave the schools at early age and start looking for a job to earn their bread and butter. Their government and different organizations are working on improving these facts and trying to make education look more important to the aborigines. They are not only present among the student or the other normal lay mans. They are also present in the armed forces of Australia.

They have a great contribution towards the sport. Many of them are the famous players in sports. Sport is the most popular thing to any person in Australia. Australia is known for the love of sports. No matter which ever sport it is, the Australians are always looking forward to perform the best in it. Like any other game the football is also popular among the aborigines and many of them are players of the AFL Australian football league. There is a very amazing fact about their presence in the Australian football league. It is observed that 1 out of every 10 players in the Australian football league is an aborigine.

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Funny afl pictures

Pictures are always thought of being a very vital and a very beautiful gift to remember the old times of your life. Pictures are the best ways too think about you good old days when you get old. Pictures make you cry when you think about some times. A picture can represent a lot of things. They can tell you each and every detail. Just by looking at one particular picture you get to know about all other events related to that picture. Take an example of your old days during the teenage. You were in a hardcore metal band. You had 4 other band members, you used to play guitars for the band. You guys launched your bands during the early 1980’s. Those were the times when you were getting out of your teenage and moving towards the practical life. Those were the best times of your life. There used to be no worries on your mind. For you everything was you band. The year today id 2007 and you are 45 years old now. You left the band in the very start of 1990. you take out this picture of your tour to the Europe. This picture shows you playing the guitar while the lead singer of the band fell on the stage due to imbalance. In the picture he is shown on the floor of the stage. You start laughing out loud when you see this picture every time. This is like the most prized possession of yours.

The same is with the sports; there are numerous games in the world today. Many of the games are so popular that they are given coverage by the television which makes us call them “extremely poplar”. There are channels which are entirely dedicated to a particular sport in world. This is due to the demand of the users and popularity of the games. Sometimes there are events happening in a particular sport which make us laugh out loud. These events are often captured through the eye of a camera and are preserved to be looked upon them later on. Same is the case with the AFL. The Australian football league is one of the oldest leagues it has been in existence before the camera was actually developed. Ass soon as it was developed, football lovers for AFL bought there cameras to the stadiums. Today there is a vast variety of funny AFL pictures available on the net.


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Afl football

AFL stands for Australian football league, which was previously known as Victorian football league. Just like every other countries of the World, this is the national football league which is played all over Australia. It is the game which always has a very high number of attendances.
AFL basically grew out from Victorian domestic championship and since past twenty five years it has grown in to a national championship, which involves teams from five states of Australia.
Victoria as it emerged as the founder of this championship has some where around ten teams, out of total sixteen teams which take part in championship. AFL has gained a considerably large amount of media coverage and financial strength, due to its popularity in the country.

The clubs which take part in AFL are nine, since 1997, most of the football leagues played in the world work on the concept of relegation and promotion, after the end of the season depending upon the position of the team. But in AFL there is no concept of relegation or promotion.

The VFL which was known as Victoria foot ball league has a history which rolls back till 1897; it was started with eight teams. A further national expansion took place in the history of AFL in 1987 with the introduction of West coast eagles from Western Australia and the Brisbane Bears from Queensland.

As this game is the most dominant in light of media and finance, it has become the most popular sport in the country. The AFL premiership season is contested between sixteen teams, around Australia; it lasts for twenty two rounds, and begins in late March. At the end of the twenty two rounds the top eight teams compete for, four-week AFL final series. Teams play in two qualifying finals and two elimination finals, these games are played on the basis of the ladder position of the teams. The two lowest placed loosing teams are eliminated, and the two highest placed winning teams progress into preliminary final which normally starts in third week, and the other two teams play in the semi finals, in second week. The losers of the semi finals are eliminated and the remaining four teams play in two preliminary finals, with the winning teams play in grand final.

The McClelland Trophy is awarded to the team that finishes the league at the top position, known as minor premiership, but this is not afforded anywhere near the prestige as the premiership. It is awarded to the wining team in grand final.


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Alcohol addiction help

Help for alcohol addiction is widely available. While there is no single “right” path, there are multiple forms of help available. As with many things in life, there is no “one” singular form of help for everyone who suffers with an alcohol addiction. Although, through careful research, and perhaps several attempts, alcohol addiction recovery can be achieved.

In a traditional sense, help for an alcohol addiction has come from 3 primary categories: Psychological, physiological, and social. The varying treatments available under these groupings are where majority of traditionally available help for alcohol addiction treatment.

Physically speaking, the top item of priority for alcohol addiction treatment is always going to be a safe withdrawal from the alcohol addiction. Even with initial help for alcohol addiction, there can remain chronic physical issues, such as sexually transmitted diseases, nutritional diseases and disorders, and liver diseases. When recovering from an alcohol addiction, an alcohol addict will need to continue receiving help for any possible physiological conditions that have arisen, even after they are fully into the recovery process.

Psychological help for alcohol addiction frequently involves individual and group therapies. Another common form of psychological help for alcohol addiction is inpatient and outpatient care centres. Other psychological forms of help for alcohol addiction include things such as hypnotherapy, and psychotherapy.

Amongst the kinds of help offered by social intervention for alcohol addiction, some basics include the following:

Unavoidable community supervision, such as an employer requiring alcohol addicts to receive mandatory treatment for their addiction.
Substitution intervention which helps by replacing the alcohol addiction with a hobby, such as weight-lifting.

What Jungians term as “protective wall of human community”, which offers help by helping the person form new relationships with groups of persons. Due to the alcohol addiction treatment having a lower success rate when the alcohol addict is around only familiar faces, who may inadvertently help contribute to a relapse of alcohol addiction. Because of that issue, it is sometimes more of a help when the alcohol addict in treatment forges new relationships, sometimes similar to what is found in religious communities.

Help is very often obtained thru strengthening or creating a deeper relationship with a higher power. Many alcohol addiction treatment programs have seen this alone help a great deal. It often lets the addict see it as having a person who will help them and not judge them.

Help for an alcohol addiction is easily obtained. There are plenty of programs that specialize in help for those with an alcohol addiction. Whether via traditional or non-traditional means, help is easily obtained for an alcohol addiction today.


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Alcohol addiction beating

The overall goal with treating alcohol addiction, is of course, beating the alcohol addiction. Beating the alcohol addiction, though, is not a simple, nor easy process. It can take years of fighting before a person has beaten the alcohol addiction. There are hundreds of therapeutic options to help in beating an alcohol addiction. Even with all the options available, it can sometimes be difficult to decide where to begin, and much harder to find the right one to assist in beating the alcohol addiction.

Basic treatment of alcohol addiction includes the initial goal of beating the effects of withdrawal caused by ending the alcohol addiction. Withdrawal is perhaps the most difficult part of the process, as it is very physically discomforting, and can be very mentally stressful as well. The biggest key help in beating an alcohol addiction however, is going to be perseverance. If a person is serious about beating their alcohol addiction, they will need patience, self-forgiveness and perseverance.

After beating the initial withdrawal trials and tribulations of alcohol addiction, it goes onto the longer term, treatment phases. In the long term process of alcohol addiction recovery, many facets exist, from treating any secondary health issues that have arisen as a direct result of the alcohol addiction, to possibly beating demons from childhood which were an underlying psychological base for the alcohol addiction in the first place. Frequently group and individual therapy are used as helpful tools during this part of beating the alcohol addiction. Other forms of psychotherapy are used as well, from hypnosis to some forms of role-playing. The purpose of these is to alleviate past issues that may date as far back as early childhood, which aided in the initial start of the alcohol addiction. It has been said that in beating the pain and trauma of your past, you have half the battle of beating alcohol addiction won already. I’d have to adjudge that a large portion of the other half of beating alcohol addiction would lie in going thru the initial withdrawal battle.

Beating alcohol addiction is far from easy, and can be quite painful, sometimes physically, but more often mentally. Having to relieve a severe beating from a parent during an exceedingly abusive childhood, while excruciatingly painful, could very well help bring forth the fact that it was in the past, and being such, should be forgive, and exorcised from your mind. Perhaps someone suffered a death in their past, the pain built up and festers, finally resolving into an alcohol addiction. Only by beating the pain mentally can you fully give up the alcohol addiction, can you be free from needing to assuage the pain.


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