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Afl website

AFL (Australian football league) is the most famous and the most popular sports body in Australia. It has its own website to facilitate and entertain its fans world wide.
1. Content
Quality content on website can provide users with the information they are looking for. Content also allows you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. When your website visitors are looking to make a purchase they will feel more comfortable with your products and services if you have built their trust and confidence through what you have written on your website.
2. Simple and Attractive Design;
The design of this website is very simple, yet professional. The design should not take away or distract from the content. Websites with excessive use of Flash and moving images can be very distracting. Use design to help you get your message to visitors, not to distract them from the message. Colors should not be hard on the eyes, and text should be easy to read.
3. Easy Navigation;
Navigation and links provide opportunities to incorporate design elements in to this website; however, navigation schemes not are so elaborate that the user has no trouble knowing where to click to move to another page. Links to their most important pages is easily founded on every page. A good rule of thumb is that every page should be accessible in two clicks from your home page (this may not be possible with larger sites).
4. Unique;
The most successful websites will stand out from the crowd. This official website makes it position stand out: better design, high quality articles, a blog, a newsletter, some type of resource or tool.
5. Fresh;
Having this website that changes or is updated frequently will encourage repeat visitors. Repeat visitors will be more loyal and more likely to explore.
6. Optimized;
This official successful AFL website would be search engine-friendly. Optimization included things like using page titles and Meta tags for all of the web pages and links for the website. Used headers and alt tags for images also help optimization and accessibility.
7. Audio/Video
The official internet/3G broadcast partner for this official site of the AFL is Bigpond. This site also provides exclusive broadband content including streaming video for international fans via its website. Bigpond also hosts the official websites of all the 16 AFL clubs.Video is not live stream, fans must wait at least 12 hours after the game before it is available as video. Video quality is low and freezing occurs regularly during streaming. Less common but irritating problems include failed links, video ending before the end of the game and audio out of synchronization with video as well as audio.


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