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Afl tables

For any game in the world there is a table present for the teams which play that game. This is for any game of the world. Many times we hear the term table in any game but most of us are not familiar with this term. This sounds like very confusing at times. You might think that is it about a normal table on which we put our diner or where we stuffy? Well this is not like that. Though the literal meaning of table is bench or desk at the same time there is another meaning called “chart”. Charts are basically used for displaying information in a summarized manner. Charts are called table as well. Many times you might have read at the back of your course book a term called “table of contents”. What exactly is this table of contents? This table is a summary of all the topics included in your book. You can go to a directly in short time by using the tables instead of searching every page to find a particular. Therefore tables are important for conveying information in a summarized yet a very important way.

Like any other field of the life the games also includes the use of tables. Tables are used in games to tell about the score and different areas of the game. Each game in the world has it own particular table. AFL (Australian football league) is the most important game for any Australian it is the game that is watched all over Australia with great enthusiasm. There are teams from all over the Australia which participate in the game. Each state has its own club which has its own team/teams. The team represents a city or a state in any game.

AFL (Australian football league) has a variety of tables which are used in the game to convey detailed information about the match and the respective teams. There are many kinds of tables in AFL. These include:
* The score table (this tables displays the numbers of scores by each player on a particular team. There is a column for every country in this table. For every country name of it players who played the game is written and in front of it are provided the number of goals that person did)
* The ranking table (the ranking table is used to see which person stands where and for the teams too. It is updated throughout the 22 tournaments. At the grand final the team which wins tit, will automatically climb up to the top)


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