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Afl rules

Any game in the world involves certain rules to play it. Without the prescribed rules it is impossible to govern a game and decide which team will win. Also without the rules a game can never become interesting. To make a game interesting you always have to put some rules for the players playing the game. Games are part of the sports. Be it any game in the world, there are certain rules to govern it. Without this you can never ever get your self involved in a game. Also for the people who are watching, the rules are important. When a player plays the game by observing all the rules, it speaks about his talent. rules are made by the regulatory and the governing authorities of any particular game. This depends on the committee which deals with a ll the teams of a particular sport internationally. Any country alone can never make rules for itself for a particular game. It has to abide by the international rules which are presented by the international committee of that particular game. The players have to abide the rules while they are playing. These ru7les are established to make the game more difficult. That is done in order to know where a particular team stands. This is the reason for making and laying rules for the game. There are not rules which the players have to observe on the field while playing only, but also there are rules which the players have to abide while they are not playing the game. These rules are basically the ones which deal with the ethics of the players. These rules deal with the lives of players.

Like any other game, the AFL (Australian football league) also has a set of rules which are to be followed by the players. These rules include some which are to be observed on the field. They are related to the game directly. These rules make it clear that which team is stronger and therefore wins. The other one includes the rules for the behavior of the players. These are rules like the drug policies. Drug policies are the most important among the rules laid by the governing committee. All the players have to follow these rules in order to stay in the league. Any one who I found of not fulfilling these rules might be taken out of the squad. A good player always abides by the rules while on the field and otherwise too.


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