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Afl players

The AFL players are known for their strength and their dedication towards the game. AFL is the game which is known for the stretch of players playing it. The players which normally play AFL are thought to be giants. This is a very hard game to play. Bruises are like drinking water. They are so common in this game that players do not even care about them. Other injuries like hamstring injury and shoulder injuries are also very common. AFL players are the players are the people who are selected after going through a lot of difficult tests. The have to work hard before they get into the team. Without proper dedication and hard work it is impossible to get into the AFL. It is known for its hardship at the field and in the training camps too. The players are selected d from all over the Australia to represent a particular tea in AFL. There are in total sixteen teams currently playing in the AFL (Australian football league). All of these teams have numerous players in them. These players are selected from all over the Australia. There are training camps set up throughout the Australia in order to provide the people of every area with the skills of a game. Tests are carried out throughout the state and those who pass the test are included into the respective teams. There are many legendary AFL players which have their names into the record books.

The AFL players are chosen from all the states of Australia. But there are some of the players who are born somewhere else in the world but still playing in the AFL. These include; brad Moran, Clive water house, Collin Alexander, mark ballis. Chris Burton, ion dargie, who were born in England. While martin Clark, colm Begley and tadgh kennely were born in Irelands. These are some of the most important players of the AFL history.

It is hard to make a goal for every player. There are some players who have been playing for years but have only managed to make fewer than ten goals but they are still regarded as the best players of the country. This is a very interesting fact. This is due to the hardness of the game and due to the fact that this game is so difficult to play. This game can not be played by every single person. You should have stamina to play this game.


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