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Afl injury list

Playing any game is fun for those playing in the field and also for those who are watching on the television or by sitting in the different enclosures. But at times it can prove to be a very disastrous for the payers. We know that it is always inevitable to keep the player safe from any kind of injury while they are playing in the field. Every game has certain aspects which makes it dangerous for the players. That is why some precautions are to be filled before you get in the field or start playing. But you can never predict in a game if the player will stay alright or not. Every single game has its own dangers. Be it the baseball where the speed of the ball can prove to be killing if you are not wearing the proper safety gadgets or the cricket where the hard ball can easily open your skull if you are not wearing a helmet. Safety devices or protective things are to be worn and put on by the players before they go to the field to play. This is why the sport bodies always emphasis on the need to make better quality of safety devices and keep certain rules in a game.

Among all the games in the world today football is the most dangerous game. In football the ball is held in hand and you have to tackle the players from other team. You have to run with the ball in your hand and take it to other end of the ground to make a goal. The other team can stop you by means of force. They can come and crash into you or they can jump on you. This is the main reason because of which AFL or Australian football league can prove to be very dangerous. The Australian football league committee releases an injury list every year. This is the list of injuries which players from all the teams suffered. The injuries can be of any kind. The most common ones are the hamstring and the shoulder injuries. The list comes along with the names of the players. For example a list from the 2003 included in it the following names;
* From Adelaide (mark Stevens suffered a head injury while Ben nelson suffered an hamstring injury)
* From Brisbane (Chris Johnson suffered an hamstring injury while beau McDonald suffered a knee injury)


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