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Who is affected by teen suicide?

Who is affected by teen suicide? Everyone is affected by the death. Friends, neighbors, family members and even those people who did not know the victim may experience grief, guilt and confusion. The people grieving could feel that they had done something wrong and wish that they could do something better. This way, none of it could have happened and all this could have been prevented if something was just done differently and that would please the victim. The victim would not have died if things were done a little different. This is the reaction one will get from people after losing someone close to teen suicide.

When people start grieving that is when one knows who is affected by teen suicide. Sometimes the reasons behind the suicide or the attempt to commit suicide are so complex.

In order to help teens overcome a problem and help them work through the situation is trying to pick up the warning signs, and this way you will be able to tell that the teen needs help. One should understand the problems that led the teen to think this way, and lead the teen to commit or attempt suicide.

As a parent you will understand and remember how you felt being a teenager. You remember living your teen life in the gloomy area between adulthood and childhood. You have received many great opportunities, but at the same time you have been caught in a web of confusion and feeling anxious. Your experience pressure when you try to fit in with groups for the first time and to perform well in school. Your sexual feelings are woken up and sometimes you end up in conflicts because you have not lived up to certain expectations.

Going through life as a teen, already you have affected everyone around you. So, who is affected by teen suicide? Everyone is affected. Many teens that don’t have support from friends, peer groups, family, extracurricular activities, or religious affiliations may and can feel isolated from the world and disconnected. These teens are at a greater risk of attempting suicide.

Many teens have given loved ones warning signs that they are going to attempt suicide sometime down the line. It is important that you pay attention to your teen’s behavior and confront the situation when things are looking different. You have to watch and listen, because this will be the time to get your teen the help he or she will need.



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