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Teen suicide personal stories

When one has to read up on teen suicide personal stories or listen to their stories, you can try to hold back the tears, but eventually you will break. To listen to the stories of troubled teens make one think and realize that there is a human being that has a hard time coping with what is going on in life. You try everything you can to help the person, and sometimes you wish it could you in the person’s shoes and the sufferer rather than the person in front of you.

Teens attempting suicide, most of the time have a hard time talking to someone about their problem, and that way they close up and remain silent. Teens feeling suicidal often feel hopeless. They feel this way because they are convinced that what they are feeling will never go away. They feel isolated. There is no one else that can share their pain and know exactly what they are going through. They will not be able to understand. They feel helpless. They are powerless, and because of this they are unable to change the situation they are in. This is just a small something you will hear and read about in teen suicide personal stories.

Teens feeling that they want to commit suicide truly do not want to take their own life. They are simple individuals that are struggling to cope with personal problems, and as far as they can see, there is no solution. These individuals want their depression, despair and all the emotional distress to go away so they can resolve the dilemma that has taken over their lives.

In teen suicide personal stories you will also learn a few things from the person who is planning to attempt suicide. They may complain about being a very bad person and that they are feeling broken inside. They may also hint verbally that they won’t be a problem in a certain person’s life for much longer. The suicidal person could also discard of very personal belongings and say that he/she does not need them anymore. The person could also go through a time of hallucinating bizarre things.

These are just a few things you will learn and know when confronting someone attempting teen suicide. The personal stories from someone in this situation should not be neglected. Your undivided attention must be given, because you can make a difference in their lives by just listening and helping.



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  1. hello, my name is kaylee and my dad died 2 years ago and i to thought about killing myself and thinking that all would be ok because i would be able to see him again and thats all i wanted i wanted to see him again and then leave again…. i wasnt there when he died i was at my moms house he called me though and wanted me to go out there and i said that i could because mom would have a hissy fit over it but i felt guilt about it because i felt like it was my fault because i wanted to go out there and i didnt fight for it….. it didnt really kick in that he was gne till like 2 weeks later and then it really hit me and it hit me hard… if it wasnt for my BFF i woudnt be here.

    Comment by Kaylee | January 9, 2009 | Reply

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