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50 cent birthday

Fifty Cent’s real name is Curtis James Jackson the third and he was born on the sixth day of July in the year of nineteen seventy five. Fifty Cent is a well known American Rapper and he has been able to rise to fame based on the actual success of two of the albums that he has released, one album is known as Get Rich or Die Trying and the other one is known as The Massacre. Fifty Cent has been able to reach multi platinum levels of success due to that fact that he released both of these albums and he has been able to sell well over twenty one million different records when you take into consideration the albums that have been sold worldwide.
Fifty Cent was born in what is known as South Jamaica which is located in Queens which is in New York. During the nineteen eighties when there was a crack epidemic, Fifty began to sell drugs. It wasn’t soon after that that Fifty drove himself away from the life on the streets and began to pursue his life as a rapper. In the year of two thousand, Fifty Cent was shot nine times which put his career on hold for just a little while based on the fact that he had to recover from the wounds that he sustained.
Fifty Cent is currently living it up in the mansion that Mike Tyson who was a boxer used to live in which is located in Farmington Connecticut. Also, in the year of two thousand and six, Fifty was ranked behind Diddy when it comes to the wealth according to the Rolling Stones magazine in the rap industry. Fifty Cent is also planning to actually release two different solo albums in the month of February of the year two thousand and eight.
Growing up life was hard for Fifty because of the fact that he grew up in life without a father figure and he was actually raised by Sabrina Jackson whom was his mother, she gave birth to Fifty when she was only fifteen years old. His mother was also a crack dealer and she was only able to raise Fifty until he was eight years old because of the fact that at the actual age of twenty three years old she died when someone drugged the drink that she was drinking. She was at that time left to die in an apartment with the windows sealed and the gas turned on.



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