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Break dance and martial arts combined

Break dancing has become a very popular part of today’s culture. When you speak of break dancing, probably the first thing that would come to mind is cool moves or complicated acrobatics plus a rocking music. There are many factors though that contributes on break dancing and not just the music, particular on the area of movement. Break dancing is highly influenced by moves taken from acrobatics, gymnastics, and yes martial arts.


Dancing is all about the rhythm and the music. The body when dancing should flow from one graceful posture to another. A dancer would not be such if he or she cannot ride along the tune and the rhythm. It is therefore very necessary to have a good musical and rhythmic sense when engaging in dancing. Truly there are a lot of dances but the music and the beat are integral parts of it.

Martial Arts

Martial arts on the other hand only involve music on some cases but music is not really an integral part. Martial arts are all about rigid discipline. After all martial arts are for fighting and one mistake can lead to harmful conclusions. One practicing martial arts need not have a sense of musical rhythm as long as there is power or agility.

The Combination

When you combine music and martial arts, you get break dancing. A sense of music and rhythm as well as a fit body plus power and agility are definitely needed in break dancing. Technical skills are equally important with the ability to freeze and start the dance all according to the beat. Also, discipline and focus is needed by a dancer to successfully break dance. Indeed break dancing can be flashy but within the core, a dancer needs to be physically and mentally focused. All of these traits are common in a dancer and martial artist.

Traces of History

Martial arts and break dancing have a lot of things in common aside from the moves. These commonalities can be found in the history of break dancing. Before break dancing became very popular, it was a means of doing battle between gangs in the Bronx, NY. Now, break dancing is still a battle but the fight is done in competitions and stages. There are prizes involved along with the fame. Many out there who want to participate in break dancing, take note that martial arts is a part of the whole thing. For all those martial artists, you may want to expand your skills in the dance floor.



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